May I Help You?

Book Writing Dreams

Our subconscious writes more books than we’ll ever know. I wake up nightly with killer ideas and concepts. Most often these days, I don’t write them down. I don’t pull myself out of sleep mode and dive into something rewarding.

I’ve trained myself to get up two or three times in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom, go back to bed, and immediately fall asleep. I fell out of the habit of grabbing ideas and writing them out and then going back to sleep.

Except for yesterday. I awoke with words that demanded to be written. I could not go back to sleep. Eventually, I grabbed my cell phone and wrote in the notepad section. I went back to bed and fell asleep peacefully for hours.

I should take a lesson from this, eh? An issue here is that I had learned this very lesson many, many years ago. I simply slipped out of the habit of capturing these thoughts. Scientifically, these times we wake in the early hours work as our most highly intense moments of creativity. We rob ourselves of the very gold mine we own – our highest creativity.

My vocation (a calling; a strong inclination to follow a particular activity or career) is writing. My passions of writing are 1) writing and 2) helping others get their books written. I refuse to call what I do “work” or label my occupation as a “job.” These descriptors carry too much negativity. I love what I do. I embrace my vocation.

So many people desire to write books. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, it does not matter. The desire still tugs at their heart. People own stories. Stories they want told. They simply struggle with how to go about getting the words down and creating the end product – a book.

My words today came whistling loudly past my consciousness this morning as I vainly attempted to hold onto sleep. “You are there,” the words said. “Your task is to find people who need your help.”

This was strange. Usually, I awaken to a poem or a storyline. I grasped the subconscious message, however. Tell people. Let them know they indeed may write that book. Tell them I can help should they need it.

This message, on one hand, stands as absurd to me. Of course, they can write a book! I’ve written many books. Anyone can write a book! On the other hand, I know most people will never write their book, mainly because they simply don’t know how or don’t have the confidence or feel they lack the qualifications to write.

I often must step back and realize I once stood in those doubtful writers’ shoes. My passion and drive to help people write books pumps up my motivation in life. I’m at my pinnacle of happiness when I see someone completing their dream.

Do you want to tap into that subconscious I spoke of in the first sentence of this post? Does a book pound inside your heart and mind demanding to be let loose? It happens to many of us. Writing a book, for me, is a passionate release of creativity which grants rewards all along the way. I love writing. I love editing. I love seeing my book in print. I truly love others reading my books. I am humbled by those who tell me how much they enjoyed my books. Most of all, I love helping others know these loves as well.

Therefore, may I help you? My creative idea that woke me up this morning wanted me to write, “May I help you?” Know that you can write the book your heart desires. Know that your voice is as valuable as any other in this world. Know that what you have to say in your words owns meaning to someone. Know that you can do this.

If you need help, let me know…

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