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Every Thursday from 10:00 am to Noon Award-winning Author, Book Writing Coach, and Publisher Michael Ray King conducts a group consultation addressing all writing related subjects. Come join us! The first visit is free! We don’t just talk writing, we make books happen!

Location: Christmas Come True, 2729 E. Moody Blvd., Suite 102 & 103

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Book Writing Coach

I don’t like to mislead people with titles. I am a “writing coach” but that does not fully explain the extent of my coaching. I make sure I place the title “Book Writing Coach” out to the world because that is a more accurate description of what I do.

Do you want to write a book? Have no idea where to start? Have you begun to write your book but its taking forever and it feels overwhelming? Have you written a draft of a book but you’re lost as to how to properly go about getting it edited so that you produce the best book you can? If you’ve done all that, do you have loads of questions about publishing? Marketing?

I coach people through all that. The process is not so crazy as it may seem. Then again, sometimes the process is crazier than it seems. Writing is a dynamic endeavor. If all seven-and-a-half-billion of us all wrote a book at the same time, no two would be exactly the same. The processes would not be exactly the same either. There would be similarities, but its the uniqueness of each individual person that gives a book its power.

If you desire to write a powerful book and you want a coach who will get the most out of you, contact me. Better yet, if you’re local, come to my weekly group-consult in Bunnell. We meet every Thursday from 10:00 am to noon. The first visit is free. If you like what you hear and do at the first consult, each week you attend thereafter is only $25. You need not come every week. Those who do produce books. Those who sporadically attend sporadically produce books.

The consultation group name is “Coffee With an Author.” We do have coffee for those who like coffee. What we really have is a motivational, inspirational, group consultation where we talk about any aspect of writing you like. First draft, rewrites, and edits, publishing, marketing, and selling. I am available for one-on-one coaching. I limit clients to five. I have a couple slots open, so contact me if you need help. Maybe we may work together and get your book written.

My mission is to help those who truly desire to write and get their words out into our world. I have a number of pages online, all connected to writing is some manner. The following is a comprehensive list:
Facebook Author Page
Facebook Inspired Mic Page
Write Your Book NOW! Facebook Page

Writing Truth

Why Is This So Difficult?

The question is rhetorical. I get it. People struggle to even identify their truths much less write or speak them. I just spoke at the Ancient City Chapter of the Florida Writers Association in St. Augustine. I fully expected some push-back in a couple areas which I knew my presentation would touch a nerve.

That’s a good thing. If I’m not touching nerves, I’m not doing what I believe. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t purpose to bring opposing opinions my way. I don’t stir up mess on purpose either. On the other hand, I will not circumvent MY truths and what I’ve learned about writing over the past 37 years. I feel my message needs to be heard and hopefully adopted by those whom this message helps.

So, the main push-back on writing your personal truth that interested me regarded “writing for market.” Just the phrase “writing for market” sets my fingers on edge on my keyboard. I abhor and reject writing for market as anything I desire. My philosophy and belief is that writers should write for only one person – themselves. Write your truth. Write it real. Write it without apology. Fiction or nonfiction. Does not matter.

I don’t say this, believe this, nor adopt this as personal philosophy in a willy-nilly manner. This positions has come to me over a couple decades of learning the writing life. I will not say “learning the writing business” because that will forever be an ongoing endeavor.

What I’ve discovered is this – powerful writing grows from an honest seed. When you write your passion and your soul and your truth in your first draft manuscript, your writing cannot fail being powerful…to someone. Not everyone. Those “someone’s” become your market. When you write for yourself, to yourself, your truth, your passion, you come out with dynamite. Anything else is writing someone else’s book.

I never expect everyone to agree with me. Even my mentor takes some issue with my stance. That’s ok. I know what I know what I know. Your most powerful work comes from deep within. You desire to connect with other humans, you’d better be able to connect with them in a powerful way if you desire your message to impact them in a powerful manner.

I thoroughly enjoyed my presentation in St. Augustine. The audience was quite attentive, they all gave me more than just polite applause, and a good number of them walked out of the session motivated. I know this because of how many came up to me afterward and told me so. That is the best feeling for a presenter. People getting fired up about what you said and desire to dive into their manuscripts.

The unfortunate truth, however, is most will fall back into the same routines. The routines which keep them from moving their books along at a healthy pace. I’ve found that five weeks of repeating my message yields tremendous results. People need help motivating themselves. Hell, I need help motivating myself. The beauty of public speaking is that when I motivate others, in return I get fired up. There are downward spirals in life, too many to enumerate. There are also upward spirals, not easy to achieve, but when you do, there is no better feeling!

Writing truth should be the cornerstone to any work of writing an author desires to have impact. I spend weeks encouraging writers out of their fear of their own truths into the gumption to step up to their truths and make them known. The wild thing for me is this – writing your truths is simply one facet of what I do in my coaching. There are so many aspects of writing people need to learn. I could coach solely on writing truth for weeks on end. There is so much more to writing, though. That’s what makes being a writing coach so dynamic and rewarding. When my writers “get it,” I can see it in their faces, their voices, and in the words they produce.

Now THAT is motivating and THAT is one of MY truths! If you need help with your writing, contact me. That’s what I’m here for!

The following link is the WONDERFUL press release the Ancient City Writers sent to the St. Augustine Record on my behalf…

Writing Myself Sane


The villains who’ve ravaged your sanity and triggered your questioning of your core creative nature, pummel you into uninspired oblivion. You sit in your chair behind glazed eyes. The bad eyes. Not the good eyes where you’re intricately involved in silent conversations with your characters. Not the good eyes where you’re staring at a tree but developing a world. Not the good eyes where your mind and heart race to catch up with your wild-horse imagination running pall mall into chaos.

No. The glazed eyes where you question everything you do. The bad eyes where you cannot force your fingers to stroke the keyboard. The bad eyes where you run projected conversations in your mind with those who would do you ill. The bad eyes where your heart races out of fear. Anger. Frustration. Then depression follows like a sugar crash after too many bowls of ice cream.

We allow our minds to rule us. Plain and simple. My take on this is that highly creative people become so accustomed to accessing their imagination that they allow their life to be controlled by inner voices without exerting control. I should speak for myself. I’ve come to realize one of the major blocks to my creativity are these projected conversations in my mind which I seem to allow to go on and on and on until acted upon by some external interruption. This is not healthy.

Would you like to hear what’s worse? Here goes – POSITIVE projected internal conversations are just as harmful as the negative. Believe it! I discovered this after one of my exes’ horrendous, aggressive, agitating emails. I read the words and the usual projected conversation blossomed like a mushroom cloud in my mind. I willed myself to sleep, but at 3:00 am I awoke to a heated conversation between she and I. My emotions ran ahead of the cloud which was still rising as though I had not slept a wink, rocketing into the stratosphere.

Fortunately I have been disciplining myself to get out of these useless, stressful monologues and allow them to pass me by. As I diverted the conversation out of my mind, I noted the tenseness in my jaw and hips. I noted my clinched fingers and tightened face. I noted my accelerated heartbeat.

I love realizing this stuff! I quickly settled down. I rid myself of the useless conversation which was never going to happen. I replaced the negativity with a wonderful waltz with a tall, lithe blond-haired woman. We floated across the floor. My inner smile could not have been brighter. We paused mid-floor. Our faces drew near to each other in slow-motion passion. The imminent kiss mere nanoseconds from bliss.

I awoke again with a start. I awoke to a clenched jaw. Tightened hips. Accelerated heartbeat. Clinched fingers and a tightened face. OMG! Epiphany! I realized I was projecting a scenario. A conversation in dance. The same physiological responses I’d experienced with the negative scenario repeated themselves in the positive realm. This owns serious ramifications about how I run my mind and by proxy, my life.

Projecting conversations, good or bad, yield the same stresses. So much of writing, for me, becomes a pressure release valve. An escape from the assault of the world which would have me join it in its abject insanities. Hell, I’ve been living in the realm of insanity for decades. I’ve always labeled this morass of stress as the fuel for my writing.

Truly, the stress does fuel my creative drive. I’ve discovered, thanks to a decent relationship, the ability to fuel my writing from a positive perspective. I simply did not recognize the stress levels the positive relationship dumped on me. I get it. This is my issue. I need to adjust how I deal with stress. I need to recognize that positivity may deliver the same unhealthy stresses.

On the upside, I’ve noted that I have trained myself to dive into creative-mode nearly at will. I know and trust that as soon as my fingers find the keys, they will fly along with my creativity. I do not require these lifelong stressors in order to dive into passion. When writing dialogue, I am “projecting conversations which will never happen in real life” between my characters. Just as in my internal projected conversations in “real life” which deliver stress.

Again, fortunately, I own the ability to access my emotions freely. I believe whole-heartedly that writing from emotional passion is a benefit to the manuscript. I simply no longer wish to “live” projected conversations throughout my day. I can do without that kind of constant stress.

The key for me comes down to two major items. 1) quick realization of the narrative happening in my mind and consciously jettisoning the projected conversation to the universe. This should be easy but I’ve discovered I’m already deep into a conversation in my head before I even notice. I’m getting quicker at discovering the insanity and regaining control of my mind, my health, and my life. 2) Writing. The simple act of writing allows me to play in the land of projected conversations and life scenarios. My imagination may go crazy. In effect, I am able to vent this internal narrative malady. I free my life up and I feed the projection issue to my voracious-appetite-imagination.

One of my action steps becomes making sure I do what I am presently doing – keying. You will receive this after the fact. I will have packed away the laptop, driven off from Starbucks, and nestled into a quick edit at home before striking the “Publish” button. I’ve vented well! When I do not allow myself “venting time” aka “writing time,” I invite the conversations to happen in my daily life more frequently. I sure would have loved to have known this a long time ago!

I am therefore writing myself sane. I will not allow these stressors to agitate my life and bring undesired trouble to my mind and body. I’m finding my incentive to write heightened dramatically. One thing I’ve learned in my decades of writing, if I’m struggling with something, someone else is as well. If you’re not, then I suppose this post was not for you, eh? For those who can relate. practice dumping those unproductive, destructive narratives in your mind throughout your day. Save them for your creative monster – the good monster who eats up all the bad shit going on and cranks out incredible work.

I’m feeling more sane already. And remember, in an insane society, the sane man will appear insane. Get out of the crazy-life-internal-narrative which is only making you more crazy. Write yourself sane! 🙂

Rediscovery: Writing Yourself Sane

It’s not What’s Stopping You but Who…

Writers. You’re one, correct? Oh, you want to be a writer.

Then write.

Oh, you want to be an author. My twelve-year-old daughter wrote this quote on my whiteboard: “Don’t be a writer, be writing.” – William Faulkner.

Isn’t it funny, or lame, that the one thing you struggle with most as a writer is the actual writing? This topic gets discussed often. Why? Because people like you (and me) struggle to write. The most maddening aspect of this writing conundrum reveals itself as your own personal problem. Who else other than you could possibly be the problem?

Oooh. There’s an open door for all your excuses. All your diversions. Distractions. Responsibilities.

I’m not sorry to inform you that your issue is truly you.

Julia Cameron’s book, “The Artist’s Way” is as relevant today as it was in its auspicious beginning. Creative people need to “recover” as Ms. Cameron states. We own so much baggage and negativity, we lose our connection to ourselves. If you can truly say you are in tune with yourself, there may not be much for you here.

I work with the many people who desire to write a book, a good, satisfying, bucket-list book, but they struggle to get started, write the middle, or finish. The issues all remain related to one specific topic – you. You don’t write because of issues within yourself.

Don’t get all upset with me. Truth is the truth. Truth is not bad. Truth like “the issue being you” stands as “identification of the problem.” Knowing you have an issue and knowing that you are the root of your issue could set yourself on a path of rediscovery. Writing serves as one of the most therapeutic, cathartic exercises humans may endeavor. I believe in writing as a major tool in my sanity. I have not written myself sane as yet, but I am on the path of discovery.

Note that I did not say, “…path of rediscovery.” In truth, I am on the “rediscovery” path as well at this point in time. My “discovery” path and “rediscovery” path coincide with each other like some roads. In Daytona Beach, Florida, we have routes 17 and 92 which travel along the same pavement for a while until they split off. I am both rediscovering myself and I am discovering my new self as well.

You may do the same. Do you feel unmotivated? Do you know you crave to write the Great American Novel (or any other nation for that matter), or the next awesome self-help book, or the next incredible memoir? Why aren’t you doing it?

Ahhh. As the comedy troupe Monty Python once stated in a skit, “That’s the nub of the gist, isn’t it?” Why aren’t you writing?

The answer I’d like to hear from you is, “I’m driven to find out why I’m not writing.” No one will solve this for you. This is work you must accomplish on your own.

Help is available, though. This aspect of troubleshooting your writing woes is my specialty. I’ve helped over 100 people get their books written and that number is going to explode in the coming months and years.

Do you want to get started? Do you really? Show me. Go for a 20-minute walk. I don’t care what the weather is. I don’t care whether you feel like it or not. Go walk.

Do it now.

When you get back, write what you saw along the way. Also, write what you felt about your walk. What you felt about what you saw. What smells came across your nostrils. What sounds did you hear?

Go on. Get to it.

For extra credit, write what you came across in the comment section of this blog. I will answer your comment.


Now. Go walk. Then write.

Go on now. Get oughta here!

Book Whisperer Writing Tips – Location

Where to Write

Writing can become a fickle endeavor. You must get to know yourself, your likes, your dislikes, and often the answers will surprise you. “Book Whisperer Writing Tips” will be a series of short videos addressing things you may take for granted or not give enough attention in your writing trek. Today’s subject touches on where you choose to write. Don’t lock yourself into one writing location. Explore. Learn about yourself!

Write through Grief

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My Momma Died. There, I wrote it, it stings, hurts tremendously but it also feels like I released some of my pain…
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