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Book Writing Coach

I don’t like to mislead people with titles. I am a “writing coach” but that does not fully explain the extent of my coaching. I make sure I place the title “Book Writing Coach” out to the world because that is a more accurate description of what I do.

Do you want to write a book? Have no idea where to start? Have you begun to write your book but its taking forever and it feels overwhelming? Have you written a draft of a book but you’re lost as to how to properly go about getting it edited so that you produce the best book you can? If you’ve done all that, do you have loads of questions about publishing? Marketing?

I coach people through all that. The process is not so crazy as it may seem. Then again, sometimes the process is crazier than it seems. Writing is a dynamic endeavor. If all seven-and-a-half-billion of us all wrote a book at the same time, no two would be exactly the same. The processes would not be exactly the same either. There would be similarities, but its the uniqueness of each individual person that gives a book its power.

If you desire to write a powerful book and you want a coach who will get the most out of you, contact me. Better yet, if you’re local, come to my weekly group-consult in Bunnell. We meet every Thursday from 10:00 am to noon. The first visit is free. If you like what you hear and do at the first consult, each week you attend thereafter is only $25. You need not come every week. Those who do produce books. Those who sporadically attend sporadically produce books.

The consultation group name is “Coffee With an Author.” We do have coffee for those who like coffee. What we really have is a motivational, inspirational, group consultation where we talk about any aspect of writing you like. First draft, rewrites, and edits, publishing, marketing, and selling. I am available for one-on-one coaching. I limit clients to five. I have a couple slots open, so contact me if you need help. Maybe we may work together and get your book written.

My mission is to help those who truly desire to write and get their words out into our world. I have a number of pages online, all connected to writing is some manner. The following is a comprehensive list:
Facebook Author Page
Facebook Inspired Mic Page
Write Your Book NOW! Facebook Page