Inspired Mic News

March 19, 2014

loglineToday I’m announcing the temporary home of The Inspired Mic online – my author site! This is a natural place to go with the online presence until I can secure a more appropriate domain name. There are a few upcoming enhancements to The Inspired Mic that are in the works.

First up is that we will be back outside at the Beach House Beanery in April. The 15th of April to be exact. This will allow everyone to escape the stresses of tax day with an enjoyable evening out! Our rain date will be the following Tuesday, the 22nd.

We now have a potent sound system for the outdoors. Wireless mics and huge speakers allow us a more seamless presentation and less issue with tripping over wires. This upgrade will also allow us to record the event. I will be emailing readers release forms so that they may opt-in to having their presentation recorded if they like. We will be working out the bugs on the next couple Inspired Mic events, so please bear with us. Recordings will give presenters a nice little marketing piece that can be put up online. If a reader does not wish to participate, that is fine, their presentation will not be recorded.

A Paypal button for ticket sales will be set up online very soon. This will allow us to track ticket sales better and will help the Beach House Beanery to know better how many staffers they will need to cover the event. For the time being, we will be “holding” tickets upon purchase through Paypal online invoicing. The way this works is: you email me at and I will send out a Paypal Invoice through email. Once you pay online, we will hold a ticket for you. The ticket price will come to $10.40 and will still include two drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks, teas, etc) and an opportunity to win some raffle items.

Once the online ticket purchase button is set up, multiple announcements will be made here and on other social media.

We’re excited about the coming outdoor season and we look forward to seeing you there!


10 thoughts on “Inspired Mic News

  1. This is great! I will gladly sign the release form, ham that I am (am I morphing into Dr. Seuss here?)
    Putting this in my favorites right now and will be checking in often.

  2. Laura Federmeyer

    Are we still having Inspired Mic at Beach Beanery on November 18th? I signed up to speak.

  3. Laura Federmeyer

    I am looking forward to this event

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  5. Kit

    Michael, it’s been forever since the last Open Mic I enjoyed (actually probably a year or so ago). It’s always a fun evening and many of us are inspired by you and those bold enough to read. When is the next opportunity to show support coming?

    • Hello! We’re still going strong! The Inspired Mic now convenes at The New Europa in the European Village each third Thursday of the month. Our next date is coming up October 20th. Get your tickets quick! I’m hearing we may sell this one out! Tickets are available now at:

      • Hi Mike,
        Long time no see. You wanna hear from me and my poetry?
        Europa on January 19 @ 6PM if there’s room?

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