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Illusions and Delusions

Our lives play out over decades filled with illusions and delusions. We act on these illusions and delusions as though they stand concrete, real. When we operate from these misguided positions, we do not serve our good unless by accident. Often, we mesh our illusions and delusions with others’ illusions and delusions. I have come to the conclusion through observation that we limit ourselves in a drastic manner when we cannot identify the illusion and delusion.

Let’s address fear. That we are controlled by the illusion of fear stands well documented but what do we do with this knowledge? Our media, governments, even corporations control the masses through fear. Even though life expectancy is higher now than in centuries past, media, corporations, and government have us frightened about our health. Isn’t that crazy? Back when 60 was old age and one foot in the grave, incredible achievements were forged. No big pharma. No dietary aids out the wazoo. No gyms on every corner. I’m sure few looked forward to death, but it appears we live much more frightened today. The illusions of fear hold us down.

Delusions. There was a day when I walked out the door every morning without a phone. Now, when I forget my technology and drive off, I possess an overwhelming need to turn around and retrieve the device. Bad things could happen. I could miss something like a text, a call, an email. We’ve been fed an illusion about technology, that it will save us, make us better. We then delude ourselves into believing the fear. An amazing thing happens when you walk away from technology – if you relax and allow yourself to feel it, freedom creeps into your soul. We’ve been duped, deceived about our need for everything technology.

Illusion – something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.

Delusion – A false belief held despite strong evidence against it; self-deception.

On the other side of terror stands the person we are, or better put, the person we desire to be. The build up to terror from fear emanates from our buying into extreme messages flung about by those who would have us controlled so that we purchase their products, buy into their dogmas, and follow asinine rules and regulations. Develop a population who lives in constant illusion (fear) and delusion (entertainment) and you create the most controllable collection of humanity in the history of the world.

The other side of who you are is who you’re sculpted to be. If fear of gaining weight has you buying diet drinks which actually cause more weight gain, you have been deluded by the illusion of corporate fear. Everything you want to be lies on the other side of illusion and delusion. When you stand down your fear, you acquire a level of perception about yourself, your truth, and your identity.

Reclaiming your life does not come easy. We cower under the bombardment of manipulations through illusions leading to our delusions. The one item here which we own the ability to directly manage is our delusions. These are actually self-inflicted because we believe in the illusions perpetrated upon us by those who would control us. We’ve become fear junkies, flitting from one manufactured fear to another. Fear is the foundation of all control. They, being media, corporations, and government, have us fearing death, poverty, creativity, and a host of other critical life experiences.

Keep the population controlled by genetically altered food and constant entertainment, “bread and circuses,” and you will grow the most docile populations ever. Yes, the mention of “food” came out of nowhere but look at what we eat. We’ve been poisoned for decades by our corporations and governments with foods which deliver pandemics like obesity and Alzheimer’s. Our media fuels the fears. Our corporations created the reality. Our government protects the corporations. We adjust and react to the illusions and delusions because no one seems to desire to meet truths head on.

So what? How does this relate to writing? How does this relate to creativity?

Simple. None of this is new. Even though the sparkly technology makes it all feel fresh, the concept of “bread and circuses” originated from ancient Rome, if I’m not mistaken. Their gladiatorial games and constant debaucheries eventually eroded the Roman Empire from the inside out. Civilizations rise and fall like this. In the end, humanity has stood as its own worst enemy throughout history.

I say, find truth. Find your truth. Exercise your mind by standing firm against the phantoms of fear within. Practice not overcoming fear, but simply not buying into the illusions of fear. Step out of the delusions you’ve built in your mind based on the histories of fear throughout your life. Don’t allow fear to control your judgments. This is no easy task, to be sure.

I view creativity as a means to challenge our illusions and delusions. After all, this planet is filled with 7+ billion people, each one of us owning our own brand of “crazy.” We’re like snowflakes, no two exactly alike. We need to embrace our personal brand of crazy, which means embracing ourselves for who we are not for who we want others to believe we are, I feel we step into our opportunity to defeat the illusions of fear foisted upon us as well as the delusions we’ve taken to heart.

When you write, write with the knowledge that your personal brand of crazy stands just as viable in this world as anyone else’s. Seek truth and work to recognize when you’re being manipulated. If the media, corporations, or government say something, you know immediately you’re being manipulated. Step back and ask yourself what their agenda entails. Understand these three entities love us to be at odds with each other because that keeps our attention off them. When you write, even in your fiction, write from a perspective of truth and work to deny the illusions of fear. Definitely, work to avoid creating delusions as protection from all the fear tossed your way.

Let’s allow ourselves to write outside the parameters of who we’re told we should be. Let’s write outside the parameters of fear placed upon us by those who would have our voices quelled. Let’s work at exploring truths more than buying into illusions and delusions.

Just sayin’…



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