Writing in This Modern World

Do you see it? The decay? The fragmentation? The dissolving of the world we once thought immutable?

I don’t know why I ever thought my world wouldn’t change. After all, I’ve seen phones change from party lines to rotary phones to push button phones to cordless phones to wireless cell phones to watch phones and phones we hang around our necks. I’ve seen grocery stores go from pricing individual items like cans manually keyed into a cash register to barcoded products scanned into registers to online purchases. I’ve seen our way of dealing with money change from cash and balanced checkbooks to paying for things with our phones.

I could list millions of things which have changed over my lifetime. But. Throughout all that change, phones were still a means speaking with people. Groceries were still for eating. Money was for spending. The basic fabric of living in this beloved country, at least on the surface, remained intact. I could not have been more mistaken.

We’re falling apart at the seams. Our families are in tatters. Our manipulative media, corporations, and government all work hard to control us in ways we cannot even fathom at this point. Our society is crumbling. Soon, instead of one Nero fiddling as Rome burns, we will be doing this by the millions. We already are in some respects.

So what? I’m not going to go through all my views of causes and effects. I’m not going to run through my political persuasions nor my religious views. What I am going to suggest is that people step up in this cacophony of chaos and write. Does this add to the noise? Does this add to the chaos? Who knows? But we own, in this lifetime which I labeled in my title a “modern world,” an opportunity for the common, everyday person to give voice to life. Life which means something. Life which possesses a passion. Life which delivers purpose and at least a forward-thinking look at where we’d like to be instead of where we’re being channeled.

I’ve maintained that this time, this early 21st century time in which we live, stands as the greatest era in the history of man in which to be a writer. We own a near-global reach. We possess tools which allow us to reach literally billions of people. There now stands a brief moment in history when the voices of the people could rise up. Unfortunately, this tenuous window in which we live is being wasted on lower-minded writing and entertainment. Too many of us are fiddling while the world burns.

Do you have a book inside you? Do you have a story to tell? Does something reside within your heart and soul which you believe could help people in their temporary existence here on earth? If so, why don’t you write it? Why don’t you step forward? Why do you believe your voice holds less importance than everyone else’s voice?

I encourage you, as a writer, a book coach, a fellow human – write your truth. Do something beneficial with your life. Recognize those who would control us desire to keep us at odds with each other. They purpose to divide us and cause animosity between us. A united people could work wonders in our lifetimes.

My mini-rant now draws to a close. What are you waiting for? Someone to come up to you and tell you to write your book? That’s what I’m doing. Ultimately, though, the voice you must listen to would be your own.

This world changes every second of every day. The fabric of what I lived for over half a century is ripping at the seams as I write. We can be silent and take what comes, or we can connect with others to design a better world where division and strife and hatred become less prevalent. We possess the most extensive communication opportunities ever in the history of mankind, yet we communicate on a pathetically lower level than we ever have as a species. How sad is that?

Use this amazing time to help heal our world.



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