Beginnings and Stumbles…

Ah, writing. She gifts me the opportunity to speak my mind, yet too often, I hold myself at bay. Why is that? When I’m on a writing binge, words flow like an opened spillway, the stream of paragraphs and pages lend whitewater excitement to my life. The spillway closes. Trickles tickle the solitude concrete, much of the now scant writing evaporates under the sun of penetrating accusation – no productivity.

Who knows the mind of a writer? Who knows anyone’s mind for that matter? This morning, ideas slammed against my inner mind-dam with force along with demands for release. I’ve been away too long. Writing now looms as obsession for an indeterminate time. I feel jittery. I feel out of sorts. I feel…alive. Undefeated. Undefeated by life, fear, oppression, anything. I now may DO anything.

I want to bottle this. I want to have it on tap for those times of retreat. But for now, it’s time to write.

So. I am behind my keyboard this morning and I decide to look over my log of past posts, specifically for drafts never published. I find fifteen. Two are time sensitive and no longer viable. Two are mere sentences from which I will need to pick up the scent of the idea and forge forward. I am titling them “Challenge” and “Challenge Redux.” Yeah, I realize the creativity level there to be a bit lame, but the titles work for me and my blog.

Yes, I’m going to repurpose ideas I felt at one time would make a great blog post and would help writers in some fashion. I’m not sure what these abandoned posts say as I did not read them. I will make a new category titled “Beginnings and Stumbles” so anyone interested may find this revitalized (I sincerely hope) material. I like it that there are thirteen posts. Since I was born on the 13th, I tend to like anything 13.

Today’s writing tip/admonition? Don’t throw any writing away. Don’t delete something simply because you don’t like it now. This may change. Many times I’ve read past writings which at one time I felt did not measure up, only to find something of value. My view is this: if you take the time to write something down, at the very least there stands a kernel of truth or power which prompted the writing in the first place. Sometimes we cannot seem to get to the heart of the writing in that moment. Later, I’ve found, you may indeed pick up the writing using the original as a prompt. Yes, you may change the original to fit your new insight, but the root, the germ of the idea, sprung from those earlier days when you invested the time to put words to ideas.

Throwing away or deleting this work truly does a writer disservice. For now, I am treating these 13 unpublished posts as my latest writing mine. I will dig into this mine, refine the product, and produce pieces intended to help writers write.

Do you have beginnings and stumbles? I’m sure you do if you save everything you’ve written. Do you need a writing project to prime your pump and get you going? I say go for it! Break out those past thoughts and concepts, tidy them up to where you’re at in your life today, and set out to impact our world. That’s what we work to do, correct? As writers, in some manner, we aspire to impact our world. Otherwise, we’d park our bodies in front of the massive assault of entertainment and information available and veg out.

Yes, as writers we produce that massive assault of entertainment and information. We all need breaks. Sometimes we run our breaks too long – at least I do. But that’s ok. There’s treasure we all seek to find in this world and the deepest, most profitable mines reside in our brains. We often need the stimulation from others creativity, but in the end, the triggers to our own private creative thoughts allow us to move forward and finish off our beginnings, thus avoiding the stumbles.

Stumbles exist either as stopping points or propulsion forward. Repurpose material you’ve begun and abandoned. Get your creative fires burning. Impact your world.

Go forth! lol!

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