Conversation With My Inner Writer

hand writingI enjoyed a fun little writing exercise where I accessed a conversation with my “inner writer.” The exercise began with my inner writer speaking to me about when we first met. I found the conversation revealing, warm, comfortable, and even surprising in places. What follows is the transcript of our dialogue:

Inner Writer: “I came into your life in a truly apparent manner while writing that short story, “A Race Against Love” in Pat Urbas’ class in 1979. More accurately, however, the seeds of our relationship were planted in all the books you read leading up to that short story.

I realize you loathed English classes all the way through high school. All the while, though, I was teaching you a joy of words and writing which your teachers at that point in your life could not accomplish.

Me: Do you remember Marilyn and Kris’s reaction to “A Race Against Love?”

Inner Writer: “Of course! It felt good, didn’t it?”

Me: Absolutely! I was so into the creation of the “story world” and the interaction of the characters. Marilyn was the love interest in the story.”

Inner Writer: “Yes, but don’t discount the writing and her reaction simply based on that. It was a great story.”

Me: “I shouldn’t have changed the ending. I wanted him to die.”

Inner Writer: Understood. But Marilyn was your muse in human form and when she asked for a happy ending, she was teaching you about “market.” That does not mean you have to acquiesce to market, just be aware that most people want a happy ending.”

Me: “True. And the adjustment was simply an added paragraph written like an epilogue. That’s why I understand what I do today more clearly. I should trust you more.”

Inner Writer: “That’s a refreshing statement. It would be nice if you maintained that mindset of trusting me more. I will not let you down as long as you approach me in that manner.”

Me: So where do we go from here? With all the life concerns like time (not getting any younger), finances, crazy ex, children, relationships, exhaustion – how do we get together more often?”

Inner Writer: “You’re doing it right now.”

Me: “That’s not fair. This is a gathering of people where I must participate along with them.”

Inner Writer: “Yes. And you’re doing it.”

Me: “Ok. Ok. I get it. But…”

Inner Writer: “You know better. No ‘buts’.”

Me: “So you’re suggestion I make time for you again.”

Inner Writer: “You did it for Michele and her 31 poems.”

Me: “Hmm. Like Marilyn.”

Inner Writer: “Yep.”

Me: “But this writing was so much better – the Michele writing.”

Inner Writer: “Absolutely. I’m not knocking it, I’m encouraging it. If Michele spurs you to write, I’m all for it. But you need more than Michele. You have unfinished writing business.”

Me: “True that. I see. And today, I made myself get up at 5:00am to prep and write for this mini workshop. That’s what I should be doing every day.”

Inner Writer: “That’s my point. If you can rally yourself to this for others, you just need to get to where you do it for us.”

Me: “We’re a good team.”

Inner Writer: “The best!”

Me: “The things I want to write and the worlds I want to create…”

Inner Writer: “All go to the graveyard at the rate you’ve fallen to…”

Me: “Little harsh?”

Inner Writer: “Truth hurts. More importantly, truth opens the eyes to what needs to be done. For us, what needs done is fun!”

Me: “Damn straight! I’m enjoying this conversation, by the way.”

Inner Writer: “We have this conversation every time you let go. Every time you give yourself permission to write. Every time you act on that permission. Truly, you are your own best ally.”

Me: “I see what you did there.”

Inner Writer: “Yes, but did you feel what I did there?”

Me: “Yes, I am my own best ally. No one else can move me like I can.”

Inner Writer: “True. Michele can indeed move you, but underlying that fact is your permission to allow her to do so. And then, you and I are along for the ride!”

Me: “I see. So the external muse is merely that, external, albeit a powerful one in Michele, and the depth of the muse lies within us, you and me.”

Inner Writer: “Did you hear that? “A you and a me’ – yours and Michele’s major bonding statement. Do not underestimate her wealth of writing power simply because she’s external. She is as close as one can be to being your internal muse.”

Me: “So I should access her more often?”

Inner Writer: “Not more often, but incorporate her assistance whenever possible.”

Me: “Interesting exercise, this. I’m motivated to get up early to write again!”

Inner Writer: “That was the point.”

Me: “Got it.”

Inner Writer: “Anything else we wish to speak about?”

Me: “I’m sure there are many, many things I’d like to discuss, but for now I’m good.”

Inner Writer: “Remember, I’m here anytime you call on me. I even ask you to join me. Most often I’m ignored.”

Me: “Wow. I want to do something about that.”




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