Irksome Online Sales Practices

GoWriteBookCoverCroppedFront96dpiDo you want to know one of the things about the internet that annoys me? I’m going to tell you anyway.

The self-indulgent ads which scream (often textually) how great they are and how many people are lining their pockets and their queues with audacious numbers. I received one such email just now. Here’s a section of what it said: “Like I said earlier, we are WAY overbooked for our 500 slots. But it’s first come, first served —-so even if you haven’t registered, you’ve still got a shot if you jump on early!” This email arrived less than two hours from the stated webinar time!

Does “herd mentality” truly rule the actionable people out there? Are you prone to sign up for something simply because a thousand others do? Do you subscribe the notion that simply because someone claims thousands are lining up, you need to be signed up as well? I simply do not understand. This irks me.

Then I ask myself, “Does this irk me because I don’t have huge numbers lining up for my information?” I suppose there is a legitimacy to that question, but I know the truth behind all this, so I don’t feel quite so badly. On some level, I am disappointed I don’t have thousands of people lining up. But that’s just ego. Here’s the truth I know.

Most of these people who run these ads touting MONEY! NUMBERS! GET IT WHILE IT LASTS! simply do not deliver anything of real substance. Even their money back guarantees mean little. They know few will follow through with the refund process because they already feel like they’re somewhat a failure. To not get anything from the product being sold is simply a reinforcement of what they believe about themselves.

How do I know this? I’ve done it. Yep, I invested money I did not have because some guy told me his story. He’d been down and out. He had $67 to his name. He just lay on his couch day and night. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I paid my $67. What he delivered was ear candy. But for $300 more, I could step into the next level. Immediately I know I’ve been duped. Don’t these people have a conscience? They’re preying on those who are struggling and need a hand up. Someone to deliver a product which will lift them up and get them going.

I want to see products that pay off. I specifically built my “Write Your Book in 30 Days!” workshop with this in mind. After the workshop, after you get your first draft manuscript done, you may rinse and repeat the knowledge over and over and over again. You actually walk away with something you may use the rest of your life.

These people online keep the “Teaser Button” going up into ungodly numbers. I’ve followed some of these rabbit trails up to tens of thousands of dollars! These types of price tags are outrageous. I doubt even then that you’ve truly acquired something of high relevance. Possible I’m jaded, but for the most part, I don’t believe so. Experience is a great teacher.

Of course, there is the argument that my “Write Your Book in 30 Days!” does indeed have “add-ons” attached to it. Like editing, and publishing, and marketing. While this is true, each of these items are completely separate entities from learning how to pluck your book from your mind into reality. There are definitive steps to getting there. Some people simply want the manuscript as a bucket list item. Others want to publish just for themselves or close friends and families. Others want to write the great American novel or nonfiction book. My workshop is geared solely to getting the manuscript finished. I make sure people understand this up front.

Back to these hucksters. My wish would be for these people to grow their consciences. Exercise some true empathy. If you truly were broke and down and out, give people an entry level product which can indeed be used over and over to lift themselves up from their current state. Something tangible. Something reusable which engenders confidence. Something which delivers a baseline from which they may then operate. Don’t keep suckering people with larger and larger price tags simply to fuel the purchase of your Lambourgini’s and other high-end toys.

I also get irked by the mansions and cars and technologies they wave under our noses. I suppose this works for those who would sell their souls for material things, but I believe many of us simply desire to better ourselves and achieve milestones as our reward for working our way through our lives. I desire nice things. I’d love a new car. But I won’t work solely for that. I’ve found I need to know I am helping people with what I do. That’s my main criteria – am I helping someone get something they desire and is my product priced legitimately? This as opposed to, “How much can I get out of people…”

Ok, my rant against the people luring us in with their promises of help only to constantly upcharge us is coming to an end. I must work on advertising my product. I now offer my workshop online or over the phone, one-on-one. While I enjoy the classroom setting, I’ve found one-on-one coaching to be effective for many people who desire to write books. This has caused me to shift more to a “consulting” business format as opposed to a classroom teacher. I’ll have to write a post about how people want to take up hours and hours of my time culling the information I’ve learned over a 30 year time period for free. I attempt to explain that my knowledge is my livelihood, but for some reason, people want an hour Q&A to cover three decades of knowledge.

That’s a post for another day. If you know someone who desires to write a book and does not know how to get the manuscript written, please guide them my way. I’ve helped over 100 people get their books written so far, many of them writing multiple books using the knowledge I teach them. Here’s a link to my pricing page – Write Your Book in 30 Days!

Questions? Feel free to email me:

Michael Ray King 300dpi

Michael Ray King

There are no secret “tiers” to this product. If you do what I show you and follow my instructions, you will get your book written. Once you do, you may take the knowledge, rinse and repeat. No limited time offer. No smoke and mirrors sales pitch. Simply a one-on-one book coaching experience from an award-winning author. I currently have nine published books and I’ve written over 20 full-length manuscripts. I’ve been running my “Write Your Book in 30 Days!” workshop for four years.

I look forward to working with aspiring writers!

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