Michael Ray King 300dpiWaking up.

Brushing teeth.

Making bed.


Getting dressed.

Fixing breakfast.

Am I alone here? Does anyone else need to clutch something that’s a forward step? Anything positive no matter how tiny?

This morning, my determination level felt at an all-time low. My motivation, starved of whatever fuel makes it go, flat-lined in my heart. My day crumbled in front of my very internal eyes for no apparent reason. Heck, I own all the reasons in the world to forge ahead.

I decided I needed a victory. A victory at hand, easily won in its simplicity and its time requirement. Notching each one I could conjure, I mentally checked them off as I completed them. I woke up. (check) Brushed my teeth. (check) Made my bed. (check)

At this point, I felt the slight whisper of motivation stirring. I felt a ripple of accomplishment. What the heck? These simple tasks? I’m either checking into the funny farm, or possibly something important bestowed itself on me.

I showered. (check) I got dressed. (check) I fixed breakfast. (check)

Ok. Now I’m thinking I’m going to accomplish something this day. I worked on getting Inspired Mic promotion out on Facebook. I contacted Inspired Mic folk who still need to do a couple things so the event runs well. I’m in forward motion.

Again, am I just a writing nut case? Is my creative self so messed up that I can’t motivate myself with the Beverly Hills red carpet event I recently attended? I mean, hey, that was a pretty big deal.

Ah. The letdown. The after-the-event doldrums must have hit me. But, curiously, I sense motivating myself off the small, nearly insignificant aspects of life may be more a long-term answer to remaining motivated, than gearing up for large events.

Don’t get me wrong. The Inspired Mic and the red carpet in Hollywood are way cool. They should be major motivators, but I’ve found these larger, way larger, than yourself events do not necessarily deliver motivation. Often, they may engender fear. Paralysis. Retreat.

Book projects may look this way as well. I’m in the middle of two at this time. Three, actually, now that I think of it. These things, although grand and exciting in their own right, easily suck all the motivational air out of you. All the drive. All the confidence. Overwhelm becomes the demon monster you must slay to move forward. No matter how many times you go through it, you still fight. Fight. Fight.

What if? What if motivation primers reveal themselves in simple, quick, easy to accomplish tasks. Haven’t I heard this from gurus, family, friends, and a host of others throughout my life? Why have I not listened? Why have I not employed simple solutions to the daunting tasks lined up in my horizon?

I suppose I make the larger tasks more than they actually are, at least in my mind. Is this part of the self-limiting aspect of my personality? Most definitely. Will I be able to motivate myself by “priming” myself each day?

The action worked today. No reason to believe it won’t tomorrow. I’m going to give it a shot. I write these silly musings because I know I’m not the only one here on earth struggling with these types of issues, btw…

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3 thoughts on “Victories

  1. harrogate50

    You’re right, you are absolutely not alone in these feelings! I often struggle with low motivation and creative blocks when it comes to my artwork and writing. Sometimes the forward motion of mundane everyday tasks leads me to creativity and sometimes it just moves me forward 🙂 BTW, been meaning to congratulate you on overcoming your fears and opening yourself to new opportunities by attending the Hollywood event. Well done!

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