Write Your Truth

GoWrite_logo_greenWriting a book holds tons of excitement. Heck, writing a short story gets me all worked up! Writing time is special. That time is a haven from life, reality, most everything which presses in on us.

Writing, even when we write about reality, escapes us into our own universe, where we get to say our mind. Our passion. Our truth. Whether this aligns with others becomes immaterial. We experienced something. We observed something. We felt something. Even when writing fiction, we’re using this stuff.

Permission to write your truth, as you see it, as you’ve experienced it, stands as the highest benefit you give yourself in life, because if we don’t learn to value our lives, experiences and truths, we will live someone else’s. Writers learn this on many levels over time. One of the great aspects of writing is that when you leave yourself open to learn, you will always discover.

Much of what we learn in our truth, our vision, our experience, gets lost in the “world’s” perspective. Do more than allow yourself to write, give yourself permission to “go there.” Yes, wherever that “there” is which vexes and threatens you with outside ridicule or condemnation, when you stand up in print and speak your voice, you will have taken the vital steps forward toward a more whole and fulfilling life.  Even if you’re the only person who reads it!

That’s my thought for this day…

Michael Ray King
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