Writing: A Self-discovery Journey

GoWrite_logo_greenToday’s Writing Thoughts:

Getting a book out of yourself is a process of self discovery. This is a self awareness endeavor which takes many interesting turns. Sometimes those turns can be disturbing. I learn more about myself each day I write.

Sometimes, I learn (and relearn) how obstinate I can be. I know I need to be writing my book, yet I hold back. I distract myself. Sometimes, I balk like a mule. And I LOVE to write! Strange, isn’t it?

Then I give myself permission to write. Why in the world do I still need permission? Because all my life as well as much of the world around me, states I have to be visibly doing some sort of labor or I am not working. This message is mostly non-verbal. The message is instilled in us from our earliest upbringing to the latest moment where I’ve come into contact with someone visibly working.

Writing is work for the mind. Somewhere, somehow, many of us have equated work with “unpleasant.” I LOVE my work, yet I feel pressure to do something more visible. I spend so much time in my heart and head, there are times when I wonder if I’m delusional or crazy, or even lazy.

Navigating your mind is such an amazing adventure. There will be ecstasies and there will be demons. There will be doubt. There will be thrills. Laughter. Tears. Sadness. Exhilaration. Wackiness.

I’ve never found boredom, though. I’ve found just about everything but boredom. So, I suppose the message on my heart today is this: despite EVERYTHING that would keep you from moving forward in your book endeavor, give yourself permission anyway to make this thing happen. The reward is tremendous.

I’m not even addressing money. I’m addressing the personal satisfaction and giddiness at accomplishing something millions of folk cannot seem to do. Writing not just “A” book, but “YOUR” book. The one no one else can write.

I have a novel lined out on cards, yet I balk at writing it. I’ve written 20 manuscripts. I’ve published nine of them with a 10th book in rewrite at this moment. Yet I still struggle at times to write a book. If you find yourself struggling, do not let it get you down. You are not alone.

The one thing I do have going for me is that I have done this many times, and I know I can continue to write books. The battle exists between our ears, even though we want to make it about the world and responsibilities which surround us. That is why falling in love with your book is such a wonderful thing. When you cannot wait to get back to it, you will find it will practically write itself.

Getting to that point can be tricky sometimes. For me, I am in “Trickyville.” I am in that place where I really desire to get rolling on the book, but I’ve not taken it out and acquainted myself with it. The step is simple. Ask your book out. Just set a time, a place with your preferred ambiance, and an intention.

LOL! I write so many of these things for myself it’s almost not fair. One of the things I’ve learned is that the struggles I possess tend to mimic other people’s struggles. So if you ever get to a place where your writing feels distant, kick back with it in a more relaxed way. Realize each paragraph, each sentence you place out there in print is one more step in the right direction.

Writing a book is a journey. A journey through your mind. It’s also a journey of thousands of steps. Each one counts, because when you stop, the future steps cease. When you keep in motion, your future is assured. What that future looks like will not be revealed until you reach your destination.
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