What’s Getting the Better of You?


“Distraction is getting the better of me.”

Look at the section in that phrase “getting the better of me.” Lets mull this over for a bit in this blog post. Is distraction getting the better of you? When you own so much talent, so much wisdom and so much passion, why do you get sucked into an hour and a half of Facebook? Where does “the better of you” reside?

I’ll tell you where. The best you have to offer the world is whimpering and kowtowing back in the recesses of your brain, wondering if it will ever get accessed again. More incredible thoughts, ideas, action plans, stories, and countless other contributions to mankind lie dormant in an area of your brain which has a short attention span and will not retain the “best” of what you have to offer. In fact, this place of short term memory likely will not even grasp “the better of you.” You will be left with a blubbering, washed out thought process which only looks to suck on the watered-down juices of videos someone else thought were great for the world to see.

There stands a time and place for entertainment. There also is a time and place for allowing your creativity to flow into something more than you could ever imagine. That place remains in front of you, ripe for the plucking. That place is more simply identified as a moment in time.

Not just any moment, creativity requires one specific moment. One single place where you let your hair down, you go in without restriction and you allow yourself to fly wherever the muse wants. That moment is always now.

Now owns power. The video you watch on Facebook or other social media possesses all the traps mankind can dream up to get you to the next video or the next product. Where does your “now” go? After the “one more online game” possesses all the power of a noodle soaked in water for hours, where is your creativity?

Mush. Your brain becomes mush. Your will becomes mush. Your passion and desire fade. All you’re left with is ill-spent time which brought you nothing but distraction from that which, when all truth is told, you desire more than anything – your self expression and creativity.

Excuses lie all around us. No matter how many we pick up and use, they still do not accomplish the task at hand. You have other tools which help you create things. You have a brain you can exercise. You have time you can choose to use productively. You have the means to write, even if it is a crayon on a napkin. Or you can pick up thousands of faux tools. Those easily pluckable excuses that lie all around you are light, simple to wield, and can impress some of the people some of the time.

In the end, you will either walk away from your day with something of value, or our digital world of distraction will walk away with your value. Who gets the “better of you” today? More specifically, who gets the better of you now. In this moment. In the moment of creativity.

Do you select the tools of power? Your brain? Action? Free yourself from excuses. Allow your brilliance, your insights, you passions, to reveal to the world what you can achieve. Many others have done so. Think about it. You’re watching them on FB and other social media all day…

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