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There lives within each of us a critic and a judge. If you’ve taken my course on writing a book, you know I recommend you imprison the “Critic” within you until you finish your first draft. This internal “person” will be needed during re-write and edit.

The “Judge” within you needs to be summarily executed. Killed. Murdered. Offed. The more dramatically you get rid of that voice that questions whether you are “good enough” or “talented enough” or “educated enough” to write a book, the more powerfully you will write. The judge is NEVER needed by a writer. All this person does is tear down your dreams and ambitions.

I have witnessed hundreds, if not thousands of first drafts in my day. Not a single one stood error-free after the first writing. Not one first draft shouted “Pristine!” when I read the piece over. I don’t care how much you “re-write” during your first draft phase of writing; your manuscript will still need work.

All this sounds like a bit of a downer, right? Quite the contrary! Grasp what this means to you as a writer – you do not have to complete the perfect book on your first writing! All you need to do is get the material out of your head, your heart, your soul, all three, whatever point from which your book screams. PUKE YOUR BOOK!

Get it out of you. If, as Hemingway states, “The first draft of anything is shit.” then you own the freedom to write your passion as you feel it. Forget grammar and spelling if you like. If these things get in your way, jettison them. You will clean your book up in re-write and edit. If you’re crying, you should be writing. If you’re laughing, you should be writing. If you’re in the midst of an “aha!” moment, you should be writing. Write when you’re passionate. Write when you’re not passionate. Just make sure you write.

Kick that critic to the curb and deep six the judge. Get to your writing. Get to YOUR book. Write it for yourself. Puke your book and know that once you finish the first draft, once you get to that point of, “I did it!”, realize you will then go back and clean up all the messes. The goal is to get to this point of initial completion.

If you trust me, if you trust Hemingway’s observation, you are free to make as many errors as is needed to get your first draft done. You are free! Free to write your book without ANYONE looking over your shoulder. Not your English teachers or professors. Not your friends. Not your critics. It’s just you, baby, and your book. Have fun with it. Love it. Nurture your book to life. We’ll doll it up later!

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