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GoWrite_logo_greenCareful Neglect

I’ll likely write a blog post on the subject of “careful neglect” with respect to my personal life one day. But this day, I’m applying the concept to my writing. More specifically, the business side of writing.

Authors invariably get smacked upside our right brain when we discover we cannot simply write. Well, we could, but if we would like to get paid, we must learn the writing ropes of marketing and promotion. The learning curves tend to be steep because much of what moves us forward in a business manner is quite analytical. Cold. Heartless.

I discovered one aspect of marketing I thought I was performing well, when in fact, my actions were netting me nothing. I’ve been posting every single day on this blog site for months. I set up my site so that any time I post a blog, it goes to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. When you think about it, this action of “automating” the postings to social media acts as a “careful neglect” of social media.

Yes, my posts are striking the strings of Facebook, but no one’s listening. Once explained to me, I felt the old “V-8” commercial popping me upside the head (Ah! I coulda had a V-8! for those old timers out there…). When I write a blog post that’s more than a paragraph (often), when this information is automated to Facebook, the site tells readers “…Read More – 754 words…).

People online do not often wish to take the time to read so much. They want their reading candy short and quick. That’s a shame, because a lot of great information gets passed over due to the instant gratification gene running through modern society. Therefore, in order for my posts to garner the attention they deserve, I need to post shorter pieces on social media. Something of interest.

Hopefully, you’re hear because of some blurb I tossed out to social media. Writer one major desire is to get back to writing. We often fight the business side of our vocation. The learning curves of marketing and promotion often hurt our brains. We feel like if we must learn all that stuff, we’ll never “get there.” Writers are also notorious for not wanting to spend money on themselves. We feel we must do everything ourselves. The marketing. The promotion. The accounting. The writing. The editing (I sure hope people understand they cannot effectively edit their own work!).

I was fortunate in another “business life” to have acquired a business degree and worked twenty-five years in management. I realize I don’t need to know everything. In fact, if I wish to maximize my writing and speaking time, I need to give up some of this massive block of time I spend marketing and promoting. There exist folks out there who do this sort of thing for a living.

If you’re a writer, and you truly desire to successfully market, consider this. Paying a professional to get results allows you more time to write. More time to speak (necessary for writers). More time to allow your brain to get juicy-creative. I spent far more money than I can track on marketing dead ends which I spent tons of hours chasing. My time is worth a lot to me. I not only find myself out a lot of cash attempting to do everything myself, I’m also out my most valuable asset – my time.

Yes, I’m encouraging you to find someone who markets people, and see where that takes you. I spent a good deal of money on a few people who took me nowhere. Then I wised up. I found someone who laid out to me a plan of attack. Someone who was punctual. Someone who knows what they’re doing.

Now, instead of marketing in the dark, kind of “hope marketing” in that I would do something and “hope” it would work, I now have someone who will analytically attack the marketing monster, tell me what I need to do to help the process move forward, and give me suggestions as to how we move forward and grow momentum. I much prefer this approach. Those learning curves can go somewhere else. I don’t need them. I don’t desire them. From this point forward, I don’t engage them.

I write, I speak, I coach people on how to get their books written. That’s what I’m good at. I suck at learning curves anyway…

Need help writing your book? I run a 5 week workshop which will get you there. I’ve been doing this going on four years. Over 100 people have written their books after attending this workshop. Want information? Write Your Book in 30 Days!

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