Searching for Writing Mojo

Writing appears to come to each of us differently. Place 100 writers in a room, you will have 100 variations on how to get the job done. Idiosyncrasies, superstitions, habits, patterns, music, no music, pen, computer, lighting, location – the list runs on and on. Yes, similarities do exist, but individualistic behaviors remain.

In my upcoming book, “Inking Your Thinking ~ The Mindset of Writing” I address many of the issues when it comes to creativity. For writers similar to myself, placing a load of restrictions and rules on us squelches our creative process. Place deadlines or themes on us and we must then work to overcome the tethers and access that place within us which allows our muse to flow.

There are times when I look at my laptop screen when writing a blog such as this one, and I know I stare more blankly than the screen facing back at me. I don’t know what to write. I don’t panic, mainly because I understand my personal process better since I’ve studied what makes me tick as a writer. Nothing like writing a book about your observations of writing processes to help you examine your personal writing mojo.

I find writing easier since I switched to writing about aspects of life I know something about. Please note I did not say “everything,” I said “something.” I know if I struggle with certain aspects of writing, it’s a good bet others fall into the same category. In this instance of a blank blog page, I simply write about my experience not knowing what to write.

Convenient, eh? I sat glaring at my computer screen for a few moments wondering what the heck would emerge from my fingertips. I need to post this for tomorrow morning, so the writing comes down to now or never. Since finding a topic to write about was causing me angst, my selection for topic matter was not a stretch.

Easy for me to write about writing struggles, much more challenging when writing a novel or a piece of non fiction unrelated to writing. In those instances, getting permission from yourself to simply dive in and go for the writing gold becomes a great ally. Logic says staring at the screen for a few hours will not usually win the day (yet at times it does!), therefore writing something, even if it’s marginal, is better than nothing.

Getting forward motion will spur your mind on. That’s why I am dead set against too many parameters going into the first draft. Yes, you must shape your writing to fit the subject. If you’re writing an action novel, you don’t need to go off on some treatise of the magnificence of draperies. But I believe you should keep your options open into what kind of action you’re writing and allow that action to go where it wishes.

For this blog post, I’ve allowed myself to address some of the stumbling blocks I have to writing a blog due tomorrow. I feel held back because of the urgency of getting the post written on time. I feel the reticence to move forward with a topic without having first researched out. The crazy thing is, I love writing off the cuff. Trusting in my creativity and my moxie is what keeps me alive in writing.

If you find yourself staring at a blank page, simply make words appear on it, whether you know what you’re saying on not. Please don’t sit waiting on divine intervention. Your words will come when you trust yourself to bring them. It’s that place of inner trust we must strive to reach. Give yourself credit for knowing what you wish to say.

Write. It works…

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