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When I look backWinner_180_180_white over the years of stumbling through the writing/publishing industry/fiasco, I see so many errors, so many learning curves, and so many painful experiences I wonder at how I’ve survived it all. You must love writing to enter this world. I have heard of the writers who lock themselves away for weeks at a time keying screenplays for television and movies. I’m not that hardcore, and screenplays are a different writing animal than what I do.

I look at my awards, and I wonder what happened to that writer who pursued them with such ardor. I know now I write for myself rather than others. Is that it? Is this why I no longer chase the awards? (I’m talking awards like the Royal Palm Literary Awards, but Nanowrimo counts too! lol!)

I see what I’ve accomplished and the building blocks I’ve employed stack so insignificant to what I know I am capable of, but is that simply writer’s bravado? Do I really believe in my writing so much I will charge forward, damn the adjectives, full speed ahead? Hmmm. I’m still writing after falling flat on my face. I’m lifting myself up off the cold cellar floor and your reading my words.

Perseverance. One key aspect of writing. You know there stand other obstacles. You know the winds of negativity shall howl so loud your inner ears cease to function. Yet you write on. At least I do. Will you?

What a wacko life writing brings. No rules, but rules. No money, but money. No recognition to speak of, but recognition. No guarantees, but hope. Writing is not for the feint of heart.

I know writers who write for money. I do. They happen to be very good at it. I cannot do that. I must write for the adventure, the craft, the singular voice which erupts magnificent prose. Yeah, well we all own some dreams, don’t we?

Back to perseverance. Add to this concept a desire to impact our world. Change it? Can one voice still alter the course of the cosmos? With the cacophony of writing out there now, I don’t see world changing as an option anymore. Or is it? How does influence happen?

We’ve grown so accustomed to overnight sensationalism, we’ve lost sight of the Earth-old fact that change happens over time measured in years rather than nanoseconds. We’re finding all these folk who jump up into public consciousness flame out quickly because their depth becomes quite questionable. The unfortunate reality in the communication age.

But, with writing, there remains a sense of old school pick-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps type of dues. You must work to find your path. Another writer’s path is old news. The writing landscape appears trampled by billions of writers throughout the course of history. Especially today, writers appear to flourish and flame all around. Longevity appears to be earned with time and effort, not money and shallow plotlines.

How do we go on each day? How do we continue to write and produce stories and posts and articles and books and screenplays and all the creations of our dizzy hearts? We persevere and we strive to impact our world. That’s my answer and I’m sticking with it.

We own a passion for writing, for impacting our world, for creating. We get up each day with writing swirling somewhere in our hearts and minds. We don’t do it for money, but we need money to support our habit. Our dream. Our desire. We forge forward with all intent to improve. There exists no magic pill, no potion, no clearcut road to success. Success is hard fought. Success is won or lost through our determination.

I cannot believe money would be the major motivator. I’m sure it helps. I’ve been in this crazy life for a couple decades and money sure assists in moving forward. Yet, I cannot write solely for money. Does that fact make me forever an outsider looking in? How much business must intrude on my writing? I’m just asking questions I’ve always wondered about.

The writing industry/fiasco has remained in turmoil and divergent opportunities for my entire tenure. I’ve seen chaos spread throughout the writing world as the big house behemoth’s stranglehold released its grip on the creative community. Thankfully now, a flourishing, grass roots crop of writers begins to form. Big money is scrambling to gobble up the unsuspecting creative folk, just as they always have. Ever noticed how abysmally dysfunctional writers are with regard to business? Crazy. We set ourselves up to be taken advantage of simply because all we want to do is create and write. Other people monetize us. Such a shame the world does not appear to recognize that creative people bring tremendous reward, not the movie studios or the big house publishers, or the slick magazines, or the radio.

Writers are responsible for the bulk of the entertainment business. Music must be written as well. Composition and lyrics. Writers rarely get anywhere near the credit they deserve. Yet we continue to write. Such an enigma the human mind and heart.

Just some thoughts on writing on this first day of February (I write my posts and schedule them to appear at later dates…). If you ever get frustrated by the writing world, please remember this – write for yourself. Write what you most desire to write. Keep your heart on a great track and follow your dreams and aspirations. That’s the way I see writing. Find your groove. Your niche. Your happy place. Pursue it. Figure the business out as you go, but don’t lose your writing heart in the process.

Should you need help getting your book written, let me know. I run a five week workshop on “How to Write Your Book in 30 Days.” Sign up for my email list, and sign up for the workshop as well! This is my ‘happy place’ running the workshop. 🙂

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  3. I am in the process of having my first draft edited professionally. My relationship with her is complicated, a series of agreements and disagreements, give and take, and learning. Even when we disagree she makes me defend my position, my thinking, and how my theory fits into the bigger picture, all of which is a valuable learning process. I am currently doing a lot of editing myself, basic stuff about sentence structure, etc that I have learned along the way. I am a better writer now than six months ago, but not as good as I will be six months from now.

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