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hand writingBlogging is a very interesting form of writing. While informal, there stands a certain amount of ‘credibility’ in the execution of decent grammar, punctuation, and spelling. My blog posts typically read as informal pieces of writing. For my purposes and my hopes, my blog posts should enrich the reader with something of importance.

This “something of importance” may be a concept, an evocative emotional piece of writing, a tip of some sort, or information which will bring value to the reader. On my poetry site,, I tend to create the poems and post them ‘raw’ without much editing. While the ‘raw’ aspect can help deliver power in a poem, too often I read back over something that’s posted and I find typos. Arrrgghhh!!

The great thing about a blog is that I may fix those typos right away. I always wonder when this happens, at how many folk read the typos, how many of them noticed, and what opinions did they form of my writing once they addressed the fact I did not write with perfection. The scourge of the writer’s mind…

Trust in your base writing. When you write your inner truth and publish this truth to the world, provided you went after the truth with gusto and vim and vigor, trust that the reader will pick up on what you have striven to say.

I noted three things my poem on January 28th’s posting needed. One, the word “you” in stanza #3 should have been “your.” This mortified me. How many read that poem without adding the “r?” Aarrrrggghhhh! Later, in the next to last stanza, I had the unnecessary word “to” at the beginning of two lines. I know better than that. I know useless words at the beginning of a line of poetry like “to” detracts from the force and power of the line. Alas, sometimes when you post something ‘raw’ this is what you get.

There’s nothing wrong with going back and correcting the issues, which I did. In the end, we should not fret over whether readers pick over our faux pas’ but we should be more concerned with whether the gist, the meat, the power of the message we wished to deliver came across. Digital writing, especially informal writing like blogs, stand as a great “editing awareness landscape.” This already written and posted material is where we may go at a later date (days, weeks, months later) to find what we missed the day of the writing.

I once tweaked a poem for over 20 years until every single word counted. This poem won one of my five Royal Palm Literary Awards. Was it the long-term tweaking which garnered the award, or was it the concept? I like to think the truth of an award winning piece of writing is a mixture of the two, with the concept and delivery style being the dominant factor, and the precision of “perfect” word choice a contributing factor.

When you see typos and weak structure in your writing, I find it most advantageous to simply take on the task of making the corrections right away. Each editing tweak should help lift your writing a notch higher. Improvement is something a writer always strives for, always looks for, and I would think, always hopes for. (I know, what is that, a dangling participle or preposition? lol!)

The point here is this: understand that blog writing is informal, but the better your tweaks and edits, the better the experience for the reader. That’s what we’re ultimately after, right? As a long time writer, I like it when people take the time to message me about a typo. One – that means someone actually read what I wrote, and Two – I get the opportunity to correct blunders. Win-win.

Blogging can do many things for you. It can deliver fiction, non fiction, poetry, etc. Blogging can help sell products and services. Blogging can inform. Blogging can entertain. Blogging can provide video. Audio. Blogging can help you clear out your inner haunts.

If you’re an author, blogging can help bring attention to your books. In my case, being an author and a book coach, blogging helps me bring awareness to people that I run a five week workshop on how to “Write Your Book in 30 Days.” This workshop has helped hundreds of people get their manuscripts written, and I am proud of that.

Blogging is a very interesting form of writing from my perspective because, more than most writing platforms, blogging is more geared to you being yourself in print. You have more leeway to ramble off on tangents, the expectations are not rigid, and it feels more like a conversation than writing. These were just some blogging thoughts…I have many more…lol!

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