Painting by Michele Marie Catalano

Painting by Michele Marie Catalano


I’ve heard the word bandied about. I’ve listened to talking heads say crazy things like, “Fear is nothing but False Evidence Appearing Real” and other such inanity. That particular phrase, though admittedly spoken with good intention, appears to assume I’m ignorant of the evidence before me. Most often, I am far to aware of the evidence before me, which too often keeps me stymied. In truth, I realize I hold myself back.

My experiences with fear stem more from my upbringing and life experiences than loads of false evidence. Yes, I do understand that when I step into my “higher self” and overcome the crippling fear I allow to hold me back, the experience of overcoming and achieving feels good. Yes, I also understand taking that altruistic phrase and using it as motivation to get through a particular issue can be helpful, short term, in my life.

For me, the problem stems in fear being a long term issue. I will wear myself out confronting all the individual instances of facing fears. I once gave a speech on the definition of courage. There can be no courage without fear. My gut tells me to pursue the vein of courage within me. My gut tends to know what it’s talking about. My intuition screams to me to channel my strength and step on through. I suppose this falls along the lines of “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”

That one has not set well with me either. While stepping into my fears and surviving has often taught me I am stronger than I know, the stresses of wrestling with my fear takes a toll on me. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I often need time to recoup my strength.

My purpose for writing about fear today comes three-fold. One side is comprised by a number of tasks today which may call for some tough conversations. I have some work that was supposed to be done for me and is critical to my future success which has not been completed within the time frames agreed upon. As a more right-brained individual, this confrontation (of sorts) causes me anxiety. Call me a wimp, you won’t be the first. I will do what needs to be done, but I will stress and it will take its toll. That is who I am.

Along those lines, I’ve made a couple boo-boos I need to correct. I am not sure the solution I will pursue will work. If not, the remedy could be expensive and will call for a lot of mea culpas on my part, some of which may bring some backlash my way. I will get things worked out, but I don’t want to go through the fear of the unknown outcomes.

Far brighter and more intelligent people than I have studied and written about fear. For my part, simply writing my “truth” my “honesty” is practicing what I preach in my workshops. I encourage writers to write their truths without apology. To take the bold stance of, “These words are mine and I claim them as my personal view of truth in this world!” Whether a writer is penning fiction or non fiction is immaterial. Truth comes out more in fiction than non fiction often.

My second prong of this writing is designed to help me jump start some difficult tasks, mainly the aforementioned conversations plus a couple other somewhat tense items. I do know once I get through these items, I will feel much better about all them. I will have at least determined my next steps. Accessing courage calls for courageous “primer” acts. That statement is at least true for me. I need to step into my best vein of courage to get me going. Writing takes courage from my life perspective.

Which segues into the third and final aspect of this piece on fear. Someone out there, hopefully someone reading this, struggles with fear. Fear of confrontation. Fear of mistakes they’ve made and how to not only own up to them, but to make them right. I don’t have any flippant sayings to throw out here to help you feel better. What I do have is empathy. I understand. I know what fear feels like. I know how it knots up your stomach and your thinking all at once. I know how it paralyzes. I know how it crumbles your self confidence.

The only answer I possess, other than doing a complete emotional backtrack through all the formative years which brought on all these deep rooted fears (which I am actually undertaking on a casual level), is to summon your courage. Find that place within which fuels you when you need strength, get into its mojo, so to speak, and move forward. As we all have heard over and over, the first step always looms as the toughest. I don’t know a way around that. Committing an act of courage, for me that act is this writing today, can propel you forward. It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?

Our world is loaded with fear. People prey upon it, often not realizing that’s what they’re doing. Courage is the antidote. At least, it’s the only remedy I know that works well. As I key these last few words, I will take on the task of cleaning up the text a bit, finding some sort of pic to accompany the writing, and get this post scheduled into my queue. Then, I take on the list. Wish me good fortune rather than luck please. LOL!

By the way, my Write Your Book in 30 Days workshop begins in February. You may sign up to be on my mailing list here: Write Your Book in 30 Days and you may register for the workshop here: Workshop Registration. The mailing list will only be used to update people on dates and times for my workshops and speaking engagements. I look forward to hearing from you! Have a great day, and find ways to overcome your fear so you may reach your higher potential. That’s what I’m doing…

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2 thoughts on “Fear

  1. harrogate50

    Great post! I find that truth is a great antidote for fear.

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