Writing Fears – Some Thoughts…

hand writing painfulMoving forward with confidence. That is what I will do. I have no choice but to do this. Fear lives within a writer, at least in the early days. Many of us fear our talent, or a suspected lack thereof. Some of us fear our inability to market ourselves. Some of us fear losing the juice, the mojo, the ability to step into creativity and concoct something dazzling.

I realize some writers show no fear. Some writers storm forward in all confidence and bravado. I often wonder, do they really own confidence at the level they show, or do they simply possess the personality which does not allow them anything but confidence in themselves and their abilities?

Anyone who had read this blog for long understands I write solely from my experiences and perceptions. I grasp the fact that my life does not necessarily encompass the trials and tribulations of all writers. I do know this, however, my struggles and triumphs with writing parallels many other writers. For this, I am encouraged.

My fears with respect to writing tend to come from my drastic imperfections as a person, a marketer, and less-than-detail-oriented personality. Writing becomes an exploration of oneself. To write, for me, is to not only view my internal flaws, but to expose them to the world and hope simultaneously that the world not see these blemishes and that the world thrills to my life’s shortcomings. It all falls to our struggles, does it not? What would writing be without them? How can we purpose to write about success over our weaknesses without betraying ourselves to our readers.

Marketing. What a conundrum for writers. We stumble and bumble our way around, searching for the key to success. We often fear the steps it takes to get to levels of notoriety which we need to achieve to keep our dream alive. No one can fight these battles for you. Each painful step you take in promoting yourself often feels like a lie. You think you know your limitations as a writer. Too often, we’re much better than we believe. Possibly more often, our writing stands with less impact than we believe. Finding a place of clarity in our work and it’s importance to the world is far better left to the buying public, that is, if we can find them!

There are days I fear my writing talent is less than it should be. Other days I fear I shortchange myself dramatically. In the end, none of that matters. What matters is that I forge ahead, discover levels of confidence, and I continue to search for those perfect words which build concepts which coalesce ideas which form the dream of the world I write which becomes a book I sincerely hope helps someone in this world, and which, I crave, has lasting impact in years to come.

Writing is legacy. Writing becomes immortal only when you reach someone who keeps your words alive to later generations. I fear my ability to forge a voice which lasts throughout time itself. Yet, even if one concept gets propelled forward, impacts a life, who then influences another, all in a chain reaction flow, never attributed to my name, is this not the ultimate desire for a writer? I believe so.

Overcoming your fear will get your mind twitching your fingers with pen or keystrokes, building the legacy you wish to attain. Nothing about writing is easy for me other than the writing itself. I do not believe the best writers get acknowledged. I’ve read too many writers’ work who blew me away, yet never developed an ability to overcome or step through fears to get to a reading audience. This gives me hope, though, as I understand the importance of perseverance and forging forward despite myself.

Find the strength within yourself to be bold, to step over, around, or through your fears, a present your creativity to this world. Some of us accomplish this feat better than others, but sticking with your dream will get you places you never thought you would see. I remind myself of this often, in order to overcome my fear of the next step I need to take.

If getting your book written is your struggle, if one of your fears is that you have no clue as to how to go about taking your writing out of your head and into reality, I suggest you sign up for my five week workshop on How to Write Your Book in 30 Days. I know I can help you overcome that obstacle. That’s what I do. And I love doing it.

I learned one great lesson on overcoming the fear of marketing – develop a confidence in what you do. When you get to the point of knowing what you do has impact and is beneficial to others, the process of overcoming your fear of marketing becomes simple. You reach out to those who need your help and you help them.

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