Writing Motivation

Broken Wine GlassForget New Year’s resolutions to write. Write for yourself.

In many respects, I should leave this post with those two simple sentences. Truly, no more needs be said if you understand the reasoning. Developing the reasoning appears elementary to me, but for some reason, I sense there is a need for some writers to hear why.

Please remember, my blogs and statements on writing come from my experience, not yours, so we very may well differ. My view of writing roots itself in self. When we attempt to externally motivate ourselves, we sign on for motivations and inspirations which circumvent our internal views. Writing is indeed a solitary endeavor. The ability to motivate and inspire yourself becomes quite critical.

Relying on external factors to get yourself going can be a stop-gap solution, but long term, this will fail with most writers. The inspiration and motivation to write comes from within. Creativity needing to burst forth comes from within. Accessing your internal triggers to get moving on your writing must come from within.

Knowing yourself becomes crucial, does it not? Knowing who you are, what your life experiences are, and what you wish to write should be of importance to you. Otherwise, I’ve found it easy to get lost when creativity needs to flourish.

When you write for yourself, you connect to those places deep inside that need exposure. Most often, these places find proximity to the root of your desire to write. Whatever the subject, somewhere inside you is the essence of why you wish to write it, how you wish to write it, and with what passion you wish to write it.

Writing as a mere New Year’s resolution can help spur you on down the line, but somewhere you will need to get in touch with yourself, your subject matter, your passion, and write something real. Forced writing tends to come across to the reader as forced writing. Why not circumvent years of frustration and cut to the chase?

Motivate yourself from your life experiences. Get yourself going by taking on the responsibility for nurturing your creativity internally. Using an external motivation like a New Year’s resolution may be a catalyst or jump start to writing, but my experience has been that attempting to maintain a writing motivation like this invariably ends with a loss of interest or momentum due to being invested solely on the basis of something outside yourself. Write because you love to write. Write because it’s in your blood. Write because you must.

Writing off a “to-do list” or a checklist will most likely not be sustainable. Desire to write your book drives a writer over the long haul. This is where the magic is for a writer. The first draft challenge of getting your book out of your heart and into reality should fire you up. Belief in yourself and your ability to free the book inside you fuels motivation, inspiration and passion.

Keep yourself in tune with your writing by understanding that your inner writing voice will carry you. Place confidence in yourself. If you need a New Year’s resolution to get started, fine. Just don’t rely on that resolution to carry you. Finding your inner confidence and motivation will serve you much better…

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