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One of the most interesting facets of writing, from my perspective, is what the writer gleans in return for exposing his or her thoughts to the world. That’s what we do on a most basic level isn’t it? Reveal our thoughts. Our emotions. Our knowledge which springs from within us? The reward of “being read” owns no price tag, even though we place a dollar value upon it to feed ourselves and continue writing.

I’ve helped nearly a couple hundred people get their books out of their heads and hearts and into reality. I know this because the feedback I receive overwhelms me. The feedback propels me. The feedback motivates me. The feedback thrills me. The feedback humbles me.

All this from words. From thoughts. From knowledge. From passion. From words.

The crazy thing is, anyone may do this. Anyone. I realize some people have had their inner creativity robbed, stolen, raped, murdered, pillaged, and otherwise beaten into submission by life, school, work, family, friends, enemies, and any other human who did not understand them when they expressed their creative thoughts to the world. Yet, despite all that, anyone may still accomplish writing a book.

My job, and I severely hate labeling what I do as a “job,” is to free potential writers from the ties which bind them to a mundane life that relies on other people’s creativity entertainment. We each possess dreams, aspirations, knowledge, fantasies, desires, all of which we may deliver to the world in our writing. The key is to understand the rules – there truly are none.

We’ve been given rules and regulations all our lives about how to do things. This hyper-applies to writing. Writing, of all endeavors, actually thrives without rules. Few people teach this. Few even acknowledge this. I believe too many writers’ egos get in the way. They pat themselves on the back and make writing out to be something you must do by jumping through literary hoops and meeting glasses-down-the-nose-professors’ regimens for excellence.

No! You write. Simple as that. Too many writers perpetuate this faux concept of qualification to write. Why? Because if they don’t, others will be able to step into their world of writing? Is that it? There’s a proprietary illusion-qualification constructed by writers who appear to desire to perpetuate the concept which says writers control creativity. I agree that writers create. I just have issues with the part where writers exclude the fact that anyone can write. The only question which remains is, will they?

People who pursue writing get hung up on all kinds of judgments. I know I do. Mostly internal, these judgments hinder passions and shackle creativity. There stands loads of literature out there that does nothing for me. There’s a plethora of literature which offends me. There’s mountains of literature which sings to me. Regardless of any of those personal judgments I make, when a person writes, somewhere a “market,” an audience awaits them. As I’ve written many times. whether a writer discovers that market or audience ultimately defines their writing to others. What I find important to a writer is what defines their writing to themselves.

Ultimately, we must please ourselves in our writing first. If we cannot move what we produce by our own specs, we will struggle when we deliver our writing to the world. I promote loving your writing. I encourage passions and truths to spill out of each and every person who takes on the task of accessing their creativity and dump it onto the page. When writers do this, when they allow each and every wild hair on their creative head loose, when a writer lets it rip, that’s where magic happens. That’s where worlds are born. That’s where a writer knows their own special version of heaven on earth. That’s where writers find the thrills and passions that the process of writing offers.

This is Christmas Day, 2015. Holidays will come and go. Days and nights will come and go. If you are interested in writing, why wait? Why search for rules and regulations which will serve only to further restrain your creativity? Why not sit yourself behind the keyboard or pen, and write? We make too many excuses. We listen to far too many people who tell us we cannot do something. We hear far too many self-limiting messages in our days and nights.

Free yourself.

Free your creativity.

Sit down.


And write…

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