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shopping-562616_1280I’m not much of an “Only XXX shopping days until Christmas!” person, but being newly immersed into the selling side of the holidays, it occurs to me that it’s not a bad idea to get enthusiastic early on.

Although I often shop for gifts throughout the year (and occasionally forget said purchases until March), I was curious about the habits of my potential customers. Stores behave as if we start shopping in September, as that is when the holiday displays start to appear, but I’m not buying that (insert bad pun groan here.)  At least my local mall waited until after the kiddies’ Trick-or-Treat event this year to hang Christmas decorations.   A quick Google search (www.statista.com) provided me with the following information:

In 2013, the majority of shoppers polled (42% of the males and 38% of the females) began their Christmas shopping in November.   Prior to November, women made…

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