Got a Book Inside You That Won’t Come Out?

front coverBook writing owns a reputation as a crazy, wonderful, baffling, chaotic, mind-boggling, confusing morass of contradictions, joy for those who take on the muse. I know I should not use the term “muse” up front, because too many people feel you must access that whimsical, persnickety, precocious beast in order to become a writer. The only thing you “need” is to throw off a lot of baggage you’ve accumulated over the years.

I run my workshop because I found a better way. I spent nearly two decades soaking up “craft of writing” knowledge and the how-tos and how-nots of book writing. What I found was most of the talking heads were spouting regurgitated half-truths that had worked for them in some twisted, personal way. And that’s fine, except “I” wanted to write a book.

I’ve learned a lot about creativity and getting things out of your head and onto paper (or computer screen…). The most shocking tidbit of knowledge I acquired is that nearly everything I was ever taught about writing does not really help. Yes, much of it comes in handy when you go through re-writes and edits, but not so much on the first draft.

I found out, back in 2012, that I absolutely love helping people get their books into reality. There is a huge reward factor in helping someone take on a long-term project that often they don’t believe they can accomplish, and seeing it come to fruition. Nice to know you can finally do what you love, even if you’re in your fifties…

I had a junior high school counselor tell me I needed to decide right away what I wanted to do for a living. I was in the eighth grade for crying out softly! This pressure did more damage to my confidence than anything else I can recall in my memory banks. It’s crazy stuff like that which led me away from writing. I should have been writing my whole life.

Everyone has many instances like this and more that keep them from believing they can pen a book. The truth is, I could help an illiterate person write a book. You don’t need to know what “they” tell you is “must” knowledge. That’s why I love these workshops. Releasing creativity is win-win-win. Win for the author, win for me, win for the reader.

My last workshops of 2015 begin in a little over a week at Change Jar Books in Flagler Beach. If you want to get that book out of you, sign up. We’ll make it happen! I’m running the five week course on two different days to help people schedule-wise. The Saturday sessions begin October 17th at noon. The Thursday evening sessions begin October 22nd. To register, just pop on over to my business site – MRK Publishing

Writing a book should not be drudgery, difficult, stifling or stressful. The process should be exciting, fun, a joy, and something you love. That’s my goal and my job. I love my job….

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