Want to Write a Book?

Foxy blonde writingI’ve been presenting this workshop for three years now. Interestingly, when I first began, I was scared to death. Now, with over 100 people having finished their manuscripts, I look forward to each new class. This workshop motivates me, pumps juice into my creative tank, and gives me the opportunity to believe we can truly make an impact on our world.

If you’ve ever desired to write a book, but gave up, I’m telling you, this workshop is for you. I’m not saying this because I want more people in the class (which I do), but because I know this works. I know I can help. This is what I do best.

Everyone wants to pursue their best efforts and turn them into something of value. The great thing about a workshop like this is that I get to see the “value” in finished products – books. Ernie Gallo, Kevin Cox, Jim Farrell, Robin H. Soprano, Jorja DuPont-Oliva, and many more have take this class and produced books! There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you helped someone make a dream or goal come true.

I’ve had people in my class who had been working for years on their book. Once they run through the course, these people finish their books in weeks. THAT is rewarding. I love win-win situations, especially when the big win is for a writer who questioned their ability going in and embraced that same ability going out.

In my latest class, one attendee had already written and published three books. Here’s what he said about the class:


I found your How To Write A Book in Thirty Days course well worth the effort. Following your instructions, I will actually have a new novel written in 30 days, and this book was little more than an idea when we started this course. Using index cards to plan the book is a great technique.

Thank you. Jim”
Coming from someone who already had three books written, I was beyond elated. His first draft came in at 61,004 words in thirty days. I continue to be amazed at how creative, excited, and motivated people can be once they see how an hour or two each day can turn into a book in one month.
I hope you decide to finally get that book written. Doesn’t matter if it is fiction or non fiction. Doesn’t matter if you learned anything at all about English and writing. In fact, I prefer people who struggled to write and get good grades in English in school. Here’s the link to register for the workshop. It lasts five weeks and we meet once a week. Write Your Book in 30 Days!
You will not be disappointed!
Oops! By the way! This workshop will be offered as an online webinar by the end of October! Stay tuned for more information. My hope is to have this ready for Christmas!!! 🙂
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