Write Your Book Workshop!!!

Let’s Get That Book Written!

GoWriteBookCoverCroppedFront96dpiSaturday, August 22nd at Change Jar Books in Flagler Beach, I will be offering my five-week workshop, “Go Write and You Won’t Go Wrong ~ Write Your Book in 30 Days!” This workshop will begin at noon and run approximately one hour each Saturday for five weeks.

I thoroughly enjoy running this workshop. This is my passion and where my heart is. I’ve helped over 100 people get their books written over the past couple years. Many have gone on to publish their work as well. This is what motivates me – helping people realize their dream of writing a book.

The workshop focuses on the “mindset” of writing. This is not a critique class, nor is it a “craft of writing” symposium. Many people want to write a book but just can’t figure out how to do it. Over five weeks, I break the process down into VERY manageable bite-sized pieces which allows you to break through all the “things” stopping you.

Just know this: you do not need to be able to write the “Queen’s English” nor do you have to be able to spell. Writing a book is about passion. Whether you’re writing fiction or non fiction, the key is to love what you’re writing, and to attack the writing with a positive, zesty attitude!

Most people who want to write a book and cannot seem to get it done struggle because nearly everything they’ve been taught in their life has squelched their creative side. This can be corrected. In fact, correcting the issue of squelched creativity is the main focus of the workshop. Over 100 people have completed the course, many who were writing their books for many years.

I can speed that process up. So come on out! Everyone is welcome. I’m offering the class at half price this time because I want a fairly good sized class. My presentation will be videoed so I can offer this online and hopefully help many more people.

The price for the five-week workshop, this time only, will be $125. I will provide all the materials you need. You just need to come with your mind open to writing. If you struggle with that, come on in anyway, because that’s what I help fix!

If you have any questions, email me at: Author@MichaelRayKing.com

If you wish to sign up now, you may purchase the class at: Go Write and You Won’t Go Wrong!

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