Dennis Alsobrook – The Inspired Mic Spotlight – April 2015

The Inspired Mic rises again this month at Leroy’s 19th Hole at Cypress Knoll. Each month we bring fourteen presenters who deliver their creative talent in myriad mediums. The Inspired Mic boasts writers of all genres, magicians, musicians, mentalists, actors, motivational speakers, painters, just to name a few. We have three teenagers stepping up to the mic from Flagler Palm Coast High School this month! Pick your tickets up now, because they are $10 in advance, $15 at the door! You may get tickets in person at Change Jar Books, Flagler Beach Gift Shop, The BeachHouse Beanery, and Leroy’s 19th Hole. You may also purchase advance tickets at The Inspired Mic

Dennis AlsobrookDennis Alsobrook

My name is Dennis Alsobrook I retired in 2010 as operations authority at the Orlando Utilities Indian river power plant. After retiring I decided I would try my luck at writing. I have written a book called Sarah’s story. I’m at a place in the book where I could end it but I’m not sure if I should. I write from my thoughts making things up as I go. I’m not sure if the readers would like my ideas and style. It’s my first attempt at writing so I’m needing feedback on whether or not it is what readers would like.
Sarah’s story is a science fiction book based on the assumption that people can be or do whatever they perceive that they can, and that through a collective consciousness millions of timelines can be formed, leaving it up to the individual to choose through his own beliefs and feelings, what path to take. For instance if you really and truly believed you could fly, could you?
The book travels from a group trapped in domes that they assumed were made thousands of years ago to save as many people as possible from a devastating plague to the abduction from these same domes of a main character taken by aliens to a distant planet. There are mind travelers, swamp beast, loves and losses, hero’s and yes a big yellow dog.

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One thought on “Dennis Alsobrook – The Inspired Mic Spotlight – April 2015

  1. Anonymous

    all those midnight shifts and John Grisham reading might make you a star yet. Jackie want to know if I’m in it.

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