Steve Boone – The Inspired Mic Spotlight – March 2015

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Steve Boone PicSteve Boone

Hotter Than A Match Head, life on the run with the Lovin’ Spoonful
It’s Christmas 1964 and Steve Boone had a choice to make. He could stick with his plan to return to college in January and work towards getting his degree in Mechanical Engineering so that he could work designing race cars and motorcycles or he could forgo returning to college to pursue furthering his present occupation which was playing in a rock band. Easy decision right? He loved playing music and these two new friends sure talked the talk. From what he could tell in their short day of jamming on guitars for a couple of hours they could play real good but so could the guys in the band he was already in. Sometimes though there is that little something extra about trying something new. The French have a saying “je ne sais quoi” that roughly says “I don’t know about that” but means ‘There is something beyond description about this’. Steve could sense that in just the little time he had to make up his mind. Steve and many of his friends and bandmates in the early 1960’s had tired of the pablum that was being presented as pop music by the major record labels and they had turned a lot of their attention to folk music which being combined with the push for social justice in the US had taken hold among many of the young with stars like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan leading the way forward. With the Beatles and the British Invasion sparking new interest in pop music and having folk influence in the shape and style of the contemporary songwriters, there was a sense of a new beginning in the world of beat music.
Steve was part of that scene and while he had gravitated towards it in his band The Kingsmen, it seemed like such a tough row to hoe that turning back to college seemed much more practical and in addition he loved car and bike racing nearly as much.
But there was something special in what the two new friends John Sebastian and Zal Yanovsky were proposing and giving it a semester to make or break did not seem like much of a gamble.
It was nearly 6 months before the venture paid off but this newly formed band The Lovin’ Spoonful took off with a string of 9 top 20 hits in three years with Steve co-writing several of those hits with John Sebastian as well as becoming one of the first rock bands to make a big impact performing at colleges where previously only folk and jazz and rhythm and blues artists had appeared.
Then in June of 1968 it was all over. Misfortune and circumstance had robbed much of the spark that had propelled the band to the top and despite the string of hits and standing ovation public appearances the members went their separate ways and would not play as a group again until 1979. 2001 saw them inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2000 and 2002 saw the passing of the one and only Zalman Yanovsky essentially ending any hope of an all original reunion.
Hotter Than A Match Head, Steve’s book tells about all of this and more in a life filled with great highs and unfortunate lows. Life on the Run with The Lovin’ Spoonful is that and so much more.

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