Becky Pourchot – Inspired Mic Spotlight – March 2015

The Inspired Mic rises again this month at Leroy’s 19th Hole at Cypress Knoll. Each month we bring fourteen presenters who deliver their creative talent in myriad mediums. The Inspired Mic boasts writers of all genres, magicians, musicians, mentalists, actors, motivational speakers, painters, just to name a few. This month, we’ve drawn a speaker from New Jersey! Pick your tickets up now, because they are $10 in advance, $15 at the door! You may get tickets in person at Change Jar Books, Flagler Beach Gift Shop, The BeachHouse Beanery, and Leroy’s 19th Hole. You may also purchase advance tickets at The Inspired Mic

Becky PourchotBecky Pourchot

Becky never wanted to be a writer. Not ever. Writing was just something she did for fun. Then in’93 a boyfriend asked her to write a column for the college paper he edited and she obliged. Upon graduation she left the boyfriend and her newspaper ambitions behind. Still determined to be anything but a writer, Becky pursued loftier careers like pre-school teacher, ice cream store employer, and Disney Store greeter, but when she had her fill of runny noses, oversized banana splits and perky Disney tunes she decided to take an online writing course.

Inspired by the class, she wrote a seven hundred word piece about the bawdy, local Burlesque scene in Madison, Wisconsin. Becky had no interest in publishing the story—she was after all not a writer—but her friends egged her on, so she sent the story to the local paper. They printed it and paid her!

These days Becky admits to being a writer. She is the author of five books including the Hungry Ghost Series set in Flagler Beach. She loves pushing the edge and doesn’t feel like she’s done her job unless she’s brought her readers along with her on an emotion packed sensual adventure.

You can find her books at

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