Inspired Mic Recap – February 2015!

Michael Ray King 300dpiDefining moments happen when you step up and set plans in motion. Tuesday night’s Inspired Mic stands as no exception to this notion. Thirteen presenters strolled to the microphone and entertained a receptive audience on a blustery evening.

The newly created Inspired Mic Team was announced, consisting of Executive Producer Renny Roker, Executive Director of Marketing and Promotion Daniela Behler, Project Manager Michele Catalano, and Founder/Host Michael Ray King. The Inspired Mic continues to progress in its efforts to encourage creative people to present their work to the world, to learn to market and promote themselves, and to venture to their “next step” in their creative evolutions.

Leading off, Cyndi Rose ( brought her wisdom and motivational writing back to The Inspired Mic. With catch-phrases like “prove your existence” and “find your approximate determination of chaos…” Cyndi delivered a heady, motivational presentation to pursue your best.

Tom Sisti delivered a wonderful “magic” performance. One section of the performance contained an empty shopping bag that continually revealed what you see is not necessarily what you get. His humor and personable presentation captured everyone’s attention.

Mitchell Montgomery then stepped in with a look at the Bible and addressed some commonly misconceived notions of the ordering of the books and also just what is “New” and “Old” Testament writings. Mitchell showed a particularly strong understanding of how to present material AND market your book, all within six minutes of presentation!

Jim Farrell brought home some astounding nostalgia from 1955 reading from his book Brooklyn Boy. The particular section he read covered (or uncovered) Gushi, nicknamed so for you scrumptious backside. The coming of age humor piece delighted the audience, drawing many laughs and giggles.

Gi Arena brought back Ike in her short story contained in Tim Baker’s book Path of the Bullet, a collection of short stories about local Flagler Beach hero Ike. Gi had read in previous months, sections of the story, this night reaching the bloody end (or was it?), leaving the audience wanting more.

Angelica Timothy, a Sophomore at Flagler Palm Coast High School, read from a story she’s been writing for ‘quite some time.’ The story is titled, “All My Love: Reminiscing.” Angelica continues to show audiences that our young people are creative, brave, and ready to step up. She even sang a few lines a Capella…

Carol Fisher, of BeachHouse Beanery fame, read another of her “Spoonerisms”, this time regaling us with “Ali Theiva and the Forty Bobs.” These mind twister stories (to say nothing of Carol’s tongue-twisting in reading them) are always a delight. The disconcerting feeling one gets after hearing one of her stories is something to be experienced!

Vern Shank came on after the break, and went over one of his band’s (The Cherry Drops) music videos, “Bop Till You Drop.” Vern went into the fact that he must storyboard these projects into mini-movies, so to speak, as well as playing with the band and handling all sorts of creative tasks. The work that goes into putting a professional music video together, AND doing it local to Flagler County, is amazing. While Vern’s reach is truly global, his willingness to stand up and be local as well is commendable.

Tim Baker, on two hours notice, stepped in and brought us our Ike fix. Tim works hard to write and promote Ike as well as other local authors. His presentation of Ike material included the mob (duh…) and some goon the “size of an industrial refrigerator…” Ike books always roll with action, blood, action, intensity, action…well, you get the drift…

Stan Drescher stepped up as our lone poet this evening with two charmingly hilarious poems, “Where is Flagler’s Downtown” and “Flagler Art & Wine Shuttle – December 2014.” Both poems poked a lot of fun at our local life while entertaining us all with light-hearted looks at ourselves in a poetic framework. Accessible to any ears this night, these two poems hit home with unexpected humor.

Steve Boone, of The Lovin’ Spoonful” fame, spoke to us about a snippet of his life during his travels in Europe on a motorcycle in the 1960’s. Steve’s personable presentation about his life, also recounted in his book, “Hotter Than A Matchhead” drew everyone in. One of the best ways to sell a memoir is to simply tell a story from your life in a real, person-to-person manner. Steve pulled this off very well. If I didn’t already have the book, I would have bought it after this presentation.

Renny RokerRenny Roker has worked for some of the most famous people of our times. Who’s heard of Nat King Cole, Donna Summer, Kiss, Jan and Dean, Parliament, and a seemingly unending host of others. Renny counts Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, and recently deceased Casey Kasem as personal friends. His presentation on identifying your “rhythm of success” handed the audience a taste of his upcoming book, “Positivity.”

Becky Pourchot finished up the evening with an off-the-cuff version of her new That’s SO Bizarre! video blog about an incident in TIm Baker’s life where he should have died in a car wreck, but instead was visited by an unknown woman, never identified, never verified, who told him “everything is ok.” Becky’s presentation showed off her growing skills as a speaker. I’m sure you will hearing a lot more from this dynamic writer/presenter!

The Inspired Mic continues to redefine its role in the local creative community. One redefinition strikes me as delivering eye-openers to the audiences who attend. Too many people walk this county not knowing that standing beside them is a person who hung out with the Beatles in Shea Stadium in ’68, or who was instrumental in Isaac Hayes’ Theme From Shaft becoming an Academy Award Winning score, or up-and-coming writers of all ages who produce some of the most entertaining material one could imagine without the cookie-cutter-made-for-drones television we suffer under today.

These are real people, in your real community, making real impact in a society becoming much too artificial. I encourage everyone to step out of their digital doldrums, come experience live entertainment, and find an entirely fresh and new world right here in Flagler County.

In closing, I would be remiss in failing to mention two of The Inspired Mic’s new ventures. The first is “In the Prose of Passion: A Night of Literary Seduction.” Local writers will be presenting their sexy, romantic writings live at Leroy’s 19th Hole at Cypress Knoll Country Club in Palm Coast on March 19th, at 6:30pm. This event will be hot and steamy, not vulgar, with erotic romance the theme for the evening. Wine and deserts are included in the ticket price. The entertainment will be scintillating! Tickets are on sale now at Leroy’s and online at The Inspired Mic Page. (scroll down to the “In the Prose of Passion” description and ticket purchase section).

Second, The Inspired Mic Presents: WAR OF THE WORDS! The Inspired Mic will host a competitive event for writers/speakers/storytellers, complete with auditions, elimination rounds, cash to winner and runner-up, prizes, AND will be filmed for potential use in a television show. Auditions will be held in April 2015, dates and times TBA within the week! This “show” will kick off in May 2015 with at “Tournament of Champions” at the end of the season. Stay tuned for more information as hard dates and times will be coming within days!

Keep checking back as this site will be presenting the bios of the speakers at the March 17 (yes, wear your green!) version of The Inspired Mic! Tickets for March are on sale now online at The Inspired Mic. Physical tickets will be on sale beginning Monday February 23 at Change Jar Books, Flagler Beach Gift Shop, The BeachHouse Beanery, and Leroy’s 19th Hole. Get your tickets in advance, because if you wait, they will be $15 at the door. We expect a sellout crowd for the St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Mic. Only 84 tickets will be printed. 14 are already gone… Just sayin’…

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