Mitchell A. Montgomery – Inspired Mic Spotlight – February 2015

February brings some new faces to the  Inspired Mic at Leroy’s 19th Hole, the Country Club restaurant and bar for the Cypress Knoll Golf Course in Palm Coast. In the coming two weeks this site will display the presenters who will be on stage on February 17th. With two months under our belt at Leroy’s, we feel we have the recipe for an even better event this month! We are excited about our growth and the community’s interest in local talent. Please check back each day for a little insight into our Inspired Mic Event presenters!

Adobe Photoshop PDFMitchell A. Montgomery

In August, 1939, I was born, raised and educated in Chicago, Illinois. Principally, I grew up in Ida B. Wells projects, Englewood, Washington Heights areas of the ‘Windy City’. Much later, I lived in Forest Park, Illinois. My three sisters and I attended Parochial Schools through High School which truly began my encounter with the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I did not become born-again until my 8th grade in 1953. at St. Martin’s School. As those of you who have similar beginnings, Parochial schools did not teach the bible but exposed us students to a catechism which is primarily church doctrine. In those times, the bible was somewhat hidden from students as well as parishioners. I remember clearly, if one desired to know something from the bible, an appointment had to made with a parish priest. In 1981, I vividly remember having a deep craving for learning much more about Jesus Christ and the bible. I contacted a priest I had known for decades, my mother and his mother would sometime accompany each other to church and a brother and sister of his where high school classmates about this craving and the whereabouts of a good bible study program. In a sarcastic tone, he said to me, “What do you want to do become one of those bible quoting Christians.”
Being immediately offended because that was precisely my personal goal, I took a step backwards and walked away from him and Catholicism.
I later attended the University of Illinois, Navy Pier, Chicago, with a major in Aeronautical Engineering and graduated from Roosevelt University, Chicago. Cost of my college education was earned through summer employments, part time and some full time employment opportunities. I must admit borrowing $25.00 from a parish priest to purchase a book my initial year at ‘The Pier’.
My biblical knowledge was acquired through a constant reading and studying scripture and listening to certain media ministers. In 1982, I began conditioning myself to reading and studying a certain numbers of bibles chapters weekly. To this day, the same commitment has not changed.
I am not oppose to Divinity Schools or Christian Colleges but they where something I did not experience. I hope my grandson experiences a good Christian College, Divinity School or Christian University where, at least, ninety percent of their faculty received their degrees from non-secular universities and one hundred percent of them are truly born-again and spirit filled Christians.
Remember Jesus telling his disciples, the following:
“And he charged them, saying, Take heed, beware of the leaven (meaning: yeast or something liken to a contaminant) of the Pharisees (meaning: the religious elite), and of the leaven of Herod (meaning: the government).”
In 1984-1985, I became a volunteer in a prison ministry at Cook County Jail, Chicago, under the late, Mother York, chaplain. In 1994, I again through Midwest Christian Center, in Tinley Park, Illinois, became a member of their outreach program which ministered on alternating Sunday mornings at Lake County Community Corrections (LCCC) in Crown Point, Indiana. In April, 1998, the church severed their relationship with LCCC but I continued alone providing the Word of God, bi-weekly until December, 2007.
In 1995 and again in 1999, LCCC selected myself as “Volunteer of the Year”.
In September, 2000, I was hired by Senior Pastor of Living Word Christian Center (LWCC) in Forest Park, Illinois to teach 8 week biblical courses through their Bible Training Center.
Courses designated to teach were: Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Biblical End Time Prophesy and Book of Revelations.
In 2001, LWCC again established a School of Ministry which is primarily for graduates of their Bible Training Center, pastors and those who have an interest in missions. I became a faulty member and continued teaching at LWCC until April, 2010 when I began preparing to become a transplant to Florida.
In August, 2002 the chaplain at Joliet Illinois Youth Center, invited me to minister at their facility in Joliet, Illinois. Once approved, I began ministering on alternating Saturday morning until June, 2007. In April, 2004 I was selected as their “Volunteer of the Year”.
In August, 2001, I began writing my initial biblical manuscript entitled, “The End Of The Matter” in Door County, Wisconsin on a cabin by Lake Michigan. In 2009, the second manuscript entitled, “The First Five Books of Moses” was written in Forest Park, Illinois. In April, 2013 I began writing this manuscript, “The Uniqueness of Paul and His Epistles” in the Sun Shine State of Florida.

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