Stanley Drescher – Inspired Mic Spotlight – February 2015

February brings some new faces to the  Inspired Mic at Leroy’s 19th Hole, the Country Club restaurant and bar for the Cypress Knoll Golf Course in Palm Coast. In the coming two weeks this site will display the presenters who will be on stage on February 17th. With two months under our belt at Leroy’s, we feel we have the recipe for an even better event this month! We are excited about our growth and the community’s interest in local talent. Please check back each day for a little insight into our Inspired Mic Event presenters!

Stanley DreschenStanley Drescher

I was born on New York’s Lower East Side in 1931, one of eleven children, all born in a tenement apartment with the assistance of a midwife.

The neighborhood block was situated opposite Katz’s Delicatessen on East First Street. The area teemed with starving poets, playwrights, musicians and artists who never quite made it. Few were able to earn a living or gain fame with their self-taught talents.

I started writing short stories and poetry at the age of 65. I attended New York’s Empire State College, graduating with a B.P.S. degree in business. While earning my degree, I was encouraged by an English professor to begin writing.

From then on I started, and never stopped. Since that day I’ve written twenty short stories, most reflecting life in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. Many depict my family and the early days when growing up.

In later years I concentrated on poetry, writing in the “Iambic Pentameter” style. All the poems rhyme and so far I’ve penned over 100 on any topic that I felt a passion for.

Many are on history, illness, and disease. Some depict the dreams, aspirations, and struggles of now famous individuals. Others tell the work done by charitable non-profit organizations.

I entered the insurance business and was a New York Licensed Broker for over sixty years. After obtaining my degree I taught for several community colleges. I now tutor small groups in New York four times each year.

My wife Mary and I moved to Flagler Beach in 2009. We were so captivated by its beauty and charm that I wrote many poems about our quaint beachfront town. Because of my depiction of Flagler Beach, I was recognized and appointed “Poet Laureate of Flagler Beach”. To this day it is my most cherished honor.

Because of my humble beginnings, I am a strong believer in charity for worthy causes. I belong to several organizations and many of my poems define and pay tribute to them. My poems are $1.00 each. My short stories have been self-published and the book cost is $10.00. Monies from both go to charity.

I have just completed “The Flagler Art & Wine Shuttle” and a five page poem, “The First Hundred Years of Kiwanis 1915-2015”.

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