Inspired Mic January 2015 Recap

Michele Marie January 2015 (2)What an Audience!

I must admit to being somewhat surprised at our turnout for January’s version of The Inspired Mic. We had fifty-seven people attend, far and away a record for January. This growth feels right. Flagler County sports so many talented people and word is getting out. Hearing each person get up and bring their creativity into public scrutiny motivates and encourages me. I am sure the same is true for every single person who gets up there behind that mic.

From Jim Farrell’s hilarious conclusion of The Diorama to Steve Boone’s recounting of the forming of The Lovin’ Spoonful, each of our presenters delivered a piece of themselves. Michele Berg and Terry Michael Hagans poetry, Marjorie Phoenix’ gripping memoir, Heidi Tassone’s riotous short story (a cat trapped in the dog pound…lol!), Angelica Timothy’s touching poem about a fellow student at FPC, the light-hearted feel-good true story read by co-authors Marybeth Jeitner and Heather Chalmers, Tovah Janovsky’s spiritual writing, Tim Agin’s cool, graphic sci-fi and Flagler Palm Coast High School junior Alexandra King’s fiction about a bloody, wounded criminal, Robin H. Soprano’s intriguing romance excerpt, Shumal Ellenberg’s poignant writing on dying, David Sgambettera’s three innovative raps, Michele Marie Catalano’s insightful and fun presentation on the births of six of her paintings, gave each person in the audience a taste of what can be fun, happy, sad, poignant, dangerous, playful, and downright entertaining.

Jim FarrellNo one could plan diversity like this. Again, for me, the important aspect of The Inspired Mic is that creative people overcome their fears, reservations, and internal critics to step up and release to the world what they’ve created. As the emcee, I constantly am amazed and astounded by the creative pulse of our community. I can only imagine what it’s like to be in the audience and be able to relax and be entertained. I hope everyone who comes out to The Inspired Mic goes home a bit more knowledgeable of the talent living amongst us.

Lastly, again, as emcee, I cannot get around and speak with everyone. There were at least a dozen people I desired to sit and talk with individually. So many things must happen with an event like this. It’s my job to keep things moving. I hope to be able to connect with many of the folks who attended and I did not get time with. I mention this because the wonderful presenters that entertained us would love to hear from you as well. Each person who takes the time to create something and present their creation in public, desires a kind word of appreciation from others. Please, consider contacting a presenter or two and let them know you appreciate their endeavors. Scroll through the archives and you will find Inspired Mic Spotlights all the way back to September of last year.

I am already gearing up for the February event, and the Spotlights for our next group of presenters will be appearing in about one week. Thank you for supporting creativity in our community. If you’re reading this and you have not been able to attend, check us out next month!

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