Inspired Mic Spotlight – January 2015 – Marybeth Jeitner and Heather Chalmers

January is upon us and the  Inspired Mic returns to Leroy’s 19th Hole, the Country Club restaurant and bar for the Cypress Knoll Golf Course in Palm Coast. In the coming two weeks this site will display the presenters who will be on stage on January 20th. One of the beauties of Leroy’s 19th Hole is we have a capacity of nearly 100. In December, more than 60 people showed up for the event! We are excited about our growth and the community’s interest in local talent. Please check back each day for a little insight into our Inspired Mic Event presenters!

Marybeth and HeatherHeather Chalmers

Heather Chalmers originally from Harrison Township, Michigan, grew up on the banks of the Clinton River. She ice skated in the winters and sailed or swam in the summers. When she was not ice skating or sailing she could be found reading. In fact, the only time she remembers getting into trouble as a child was for reading at the dinner table. Books were her constant companions.

Heather received a full scholarship to Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan where she completed a B.A. in Psychology. After graduating from college, she moved aboard a sailboat and took a three month journey along the east coast of the United States, eventually dropping anchor in Flagler Beach, Florida. After living on board for another three years, she took a teaching position at a high school for troubled teens. It was during this time that she enrolled in a graduate program and later received her M.A. in Elementary Education. Following the birth of her daughter, Ava, Heather devoted her time to raising her until Ava entered school, at which time Heather took a job teaching first grade. She held that position for many years.

Heather’s love of nature led her to take a summer job as a park ranger at Cape Canaveral Seashore, where she helped guide “Turtle Walks” at night so park goers could watch nesting sea turtles lay their eggs. Since that time she has adopted turtle nests each year in Flagler Beach to help in the effort to save that endangered species.

Heather has found a way to blend her love of nature and reading by writing children’s books. She has written several children’s books. Saving Libbie the Lobster is her first published work. She currently lives with her husband and her daughter in Flagler Beach, Florida and plans to continue writing children’s books.

Marybeth and HeatherMarybeth Jeitner

Marybeth Jeitner was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has lived in Florida since 1987 and currently lives in Flagler Beach enjoying retirement from her practice as a psychotherapist.

As a child, Marybeth envisioned that she would someday sit in a large room surrounded by things that were dear to her, looking out over a magnificent ocean, writing books. She loved to write and often journaled her thoughts and feelings during her tumultuous teenage years. As time passed, even though her path took her far from her dream, her desire to become a writer remained. Later while in college from ages 39 to 45, she was often lauded by her professors for her writing skills. After receiving a M.A. Rehabilitation Counseling and Addictions, she pursued a career as a psychotherapist, during which time, hen her writing consisted mostly of treatment planning, testing, evaluations, and discharge summaries.

But there was a story inside of her, screaming to be told, perhaps more than one. In 2012, she found herself in a large room, surrounded by things dear to her, overlooking the magnificent Atlantic Ocean and it was then that her childhood dream returned. Almost two years ago, she began work on a novel. “When I write, I know it is what I was always meant to do. It brings wholeness to my life as though all of my experiences have led to this moment.” Marybeth said.

She has been attending The Inspired Mic since its inception and has become a part of a talented and amazing group of authors who like herself, have stories inside them needing to be told. Marybeth has read from her novel many times at Inspired Mic, and says that doing so has given her the encouragement to continue writing.

Marybeth never imagined she would write children’s books and yet, she has done just that. The thought came to her after she saved a rare yellow lobster from Publix Supermarket with the help of a friend, Heather Chalmers, to write a children’s book about the adventure. Once she learned that Heather, also a writer, had the same idea, writing a children’s book was inevitable.

The now well-loved children’s book, Saving Libbie the Lobster is a reality. She could not be happier. Her life-long dream of becoming an author has come true and to live one’s dream is truly one of life’s greatest gifts, she believes.


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    The Inspired Mic happened on the third Tuesday of every month. This month’s event will feature Marybeth Jeitner and Heather Chalmers and many others. Each presenter gets five minutes at the mic and those slots get reserved unusually a month in advance. More than 60 people attended last month’s Inspired Mic. The January one will happen on Tuesday the 20th and will be held at Leroy’s 19th Hole–a country club restaurant in Palm Coast, Florida.

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