Inspired Mic Spotlight – January 2015 – Robin H. Soprano!

January is upon us and the  Inspired Mic returns to Leroy’s 19th Hole, the Country Club restaurant and bar for the Cypress Knoll Golf Course in Palm Coast. In the coming two weeks this site will display the presenters who will be on stage on January 20th. One of the beauties of Leroy’s 19th Hole is we have a capacity of nearly 100. In December, more than 60 people showed up for the event! We are excited about our growth and the community’s interest in local talent. Please check back each day for a little insight into our Inspired Mic Event presenters!

Robin Pic b wRobin H. Soprano

Robin, a New Jersey native and hairstylist for 30 years, awoke with a nagging voice in her head one night to follow a little dream she always thought she couldn’t do…”write a book.” It was such a strong feeling she could not ignore it any longer. Always an avid reader, she just started to write down a story,  slowly  the characters told her what to write. She took a class, and learned some helpful tools. She found her new passion and a new path and retired from working in a salon. Her first novel, A Soul Mate’s Promise has been out since the end of September and because of her great support system of friends buying and sharing, its generated some good vibes and people want more!! Three book clubs have read it and enjoyed it so much they asked her to come join them at their monthly meetings and talk and answer questions.  She also has some event book signings planed in the upcoming months and hopes to  put out a new book, a mystery-romance, titled Absinthe later this year.

You may find her first book at the following sites:


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