The Inspired Mic December Recap

Inspired Mic December 2014Well Done!

Kerry Wall, proprietor of Leroy’s 19th Hole (53 Easthampton Blvd, Palm Coast, FL) graciously hosted The Inspired Mic last night, December 16, 2014. His staff was wonderful, the location comfortable and inviting, and we had plenty of room to spread out. We most definitely thank Kerry for his hospitality and look forward to our January 20, 2015 version of The Inspired Mic.

I do not use the word “version” lightly. We never quite know what to expect at an Inspired Mic. Each event takes on its own special flavor. This night was delicious! Tovah Janovsky opened us with a spiritual “faith” piece of writing. Carol Fisher followed with a magnificent “Spoonerism” rendition of “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” (I will not even attempt to write it out in “spoonerism” format! Every time Carol does one of these spoonerisms, it messes with my mind and I’m afraid I’ll start speaking gibberish!)

Jim Ferrell brought us a nostalgic look at growing up in 1947 and the age-old dilemma of learning about Santa Claus from his book “Brooklyn Boy.” Renny Roker stepped up and delivered an incredibly touching true-life holiday story that touched us all. That big “radio voice” of his helped resonate his message. Renny was followed by 13 year-old Alaina Behler. Though admittedly engulfed by fear, she braved the microphone handed to her and delivered three poems reflecting life’s two sides.

Next up we had an interesting surprise in the form of David Sgambettera. David rapped about a unicorn. Yes, unicorn! We appreciate David driving all the way from Jacksonville to do this. I had one lady ask that he reprise his Unicorn Rap every December at The Inspired Mic from now on! Who knows??? Could happen…

Tim Baker and Becky Pourchot put on a “duo” reading. Of course if Tim is involved, his action/thriller anti-hero Ike is sure to be around. Sure enough, Ike was there to save the day with Becky adding a convincing reading of the female’s dialogue in the piece. Then Becky went on by herself to deliver to the audience a “Hanukkah Present” to remember! What a riot!

We then broke for an intermission that became a buzzing interaction between audience members. After the break, Bodil Haheim (from Norway) delivered a scorching rendition of her song “Warrior” that brought the audience to our feet. Amazing voice, excellent presence and guitar work, and a well-written song. What a way to begin the second half! Our second teenager, Alexandra King, stepped up with one of her fiction pieces about a gorgeous man in the act of dying on her couch.

Tim Agin brought us out of our human bodies and into the body of an interstellar, genetically engineered animal. Tim’s sci-fi about the Nano-Djinn will be a great read once it’s completed. Kevin Cox…What can be said of Kevin but that he brings the life of a New York City policeman to life in some of the most bizarre truth-is-stranger-than-fiction ways. This month, he delivered the cops version of Twas the Night Before Christmas, a somewhat startling contrast (yet hilarious in its own right) to Carol Fisher’s “spoonerism” version earlier. Kevin is too much fun…

Steve Boone of The Lovin’ Spoonful came up and read about some of his experiences Paul Simon on the set of One Trick Pony as well as some fascinating background about his “pirate” days. One of the quotes from Steve that stood out for me was “…life’s tipping points and intersections are critical decision points in our lives.” Basically, what we do with these experiences determines our paths. We should choose well…

Mystic Mel Melvin stepped up with a “mentalist” presentation involving 8 year-old Veronica King and five audience members. Each of the five audience members was given a playing card. Mel referenced “The Force” from Star Wars and successfully baffled us with how Veronica selected the one person with a different playing card from the other four.

The Inspired Mic is a collection of creativity gone bananas. Bananas only in that the diversity of presentation, subject matter, and entertainment is as wide as one could possibly imagine. What stage, I ask, can you find material ranging from faith, to spoonerisms, to 1947 coming-of-age, to 13 year-old-beyond-her-years poetry, to unicorn rap, to Ike, to steamy Hanukkah gifts, to stunning live music, to near-death angst, to sci-fi, to Christmas poetry gone haywire, to The Lovin’ Spoonful and piracy, culminating in a mentalist act? That box of chocolates thing holds true each and every month.

Thank you presenters for putting on a great show, for your creativity, your ability to overcome your fears to present, and for your positive support of your fellow presenters. What an amazing group of talented folk you are!!!

Be looking for January’s Inspired Mic Spotlights on each of our upcoming presenters. We are still taking signups for the February event which is over half filled at this point!

One last item – I must thank Michele Catalano for her tireless behind-the-scenes assistance at The Inspired Mic. This event would truly be a logistical mess without her. She does not like it when I thank her live at the event (although she gave me tentative approval for future events), but she deserves mountains of credit for handling so many of the small detail aspects of making this event work that I cannot name them all here. Suffice it to say that Michele works so hard to help get this event off the ground in the best manner possible and I am beyond grateful. When people tell me the event was wonderful, in my mind and heart I thank Michele because I know without her assistance, they likely would not be saying that!

Thank you Michele!!!

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