The Inspired Mic December Spotlight – Steve Boone

The December Inspired Mic will see us at a new location, Leroy’s 19th Hole, the Country Club restaurant and bar for the Cypress Knoll Golf Course in Palm Coast. The following two weeks this site will display the presenters who will be on stage on December 16th. With the new location comes some new perks. We are excited about our growth and the community’s interest in local talent. Please check back each day for a little insight into our Inspired Mic Event presenters!


Steve Boone PicSteve Boone

P.T. Barnum was rumored to have said: “I don’t care what you say about me, just spell my name right.” Well my name is easy to spell right and I do care what people say about me, but what is a lovin’ spoonful, and what does it have to do with Steve Boone? Nearly everyone has heard the song Hot Town “Summer in the City” but do you think half of them knew who sang that song. In  July 1965 The Lovin’ Spoonful released it’s first single called Do You Believe in Magic and by the end of 1967 had their first 7 singles make it to the Top 10 on the record charts back when Billboard and Cashbox really meant something to the record buying public. Rain on the Roof, Nashville Cats…who did these songs?…The Monkees? Well if you read Steve Boone’s new book: Hotter Than A Match Head Life on the Run with The Lovin’ Spoonful, the bass playing, songwriting member of that band will tell you those songs could have been written and recorded by the Monkees but in fact they are single numbers 6 and 7 released just after Summer in the City had gone to number 1 on the charts in the summer of 1966. Barely 1 year later the band was gone not to be heard from again for over 10 years. What happened to cause a group like the Lovin’ Spoonful to disappear completely from concerts and recordings at literally the top of their career.

Steve was born in September 1943 at the US Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune, N.C. just as the war in the Pacific was starting to turn in favor of the Allies. He has always attributed his resilence and optimism to that spirit. He would need a large dose of optimism though several times throughout his life none more notable than that night in June 1960 when while hitching a ride home, the car he was in crashed into a tree at speeds up to 100 mph. Laid up for 18 months recovering Steve’s Mom bought him a guitar and a career was born. It all wasn’t quite that easy as one will read in the book when faced with a choice between loyalty and character creates a nearly impossible to stem storm of criticism that will eventually lead to the bands premature demise and make his decision to leave the music business indeed even the country in 1970 and  to go live on a sailboat in the Caribbean a choice that will once again be the closing of one chapter and the remarkable opening of another.

Phase 3 of his life brings the two elements the sea and music together to create the successful recording studio in the just blossoming Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD where Steve will spend nearly 15 years recording and playing in various bands in Baltimore until 1987 when he moves back to Florida determined to relaunch the Lovin’ Spoonful and write the story of the incredible life he had led.

In an amazing string of good fortune he gets the band back together and finally sees the Lovin’ Spoonful start to receive the record royalties they had not been paid for over 20 years.

Once back in Florida and the healthy life style he developed there as a youngster in St. Augustine, Steve begins the accumulation of materials, notes, artifacts and interviews that a complete story of his life would need, it takes a chance encounter with a writer who wants to do a story about his recording studio in Baltimore that gets Steve to ask Tony Moss to help him write this story and get it published..

Now 60 years since that car wreck ended his hopes of a career in the military and 50 years since that fairy tale like story that is the Lovin’ Spoonful began, Steve has his book published by ECW Press and finally after what at times seemed like a hill too high to climb, Hotter Than A Match Head, Life on the Run with The Lovin’ Spoonful is in print and ready for those who continue to believe that fairy tales can come true with the cautionary note that what appears up on the screen might always use a good look behind that curtain.


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