The Inspired Mic November Spotlight – Jorja DuPont Oliva

I asked Inspired Mic presenters to send me a little something about themselves and what they write. I gave them free reign to pick and choose material about themselves that would be informative and promotional. As The Inspired Mic grows, potential audience participants would like to know something about those who steel their nerves and get up in front of a live audience to present their creativity. In the days leading up to the November 18th event, each of the November readers who send me their info will be In the Spotlight:

bOOK TWO AUTHOR PICTURE_editedJorja DuPont Oliva

Jorja DuPont Oliva is the author of the Chasing Butterflies series. Growing up in Flagler County and being a descendant of the first families to settle here, she has watched as her small town  blossom. After chasing her own butterflies, the opportunity to write a book became possible when she discovered Michael Ray King’s “Go write” classes.  Novel writing would never  have been possible without the motivation and inspiration that the classes gave her. Jorja believes Chasing Butterflies represents change and going after your passions. So that is what she has done.
Jorja DuPont Oliva weaves stories of small town outlook with a touch of magical charm. Jorja’s quirky, southern writer’s voice makes her stories relaxing and easy to consume in a day.
Jorja’s debut novel was published in 2013- Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden. By many readers’ accounts,  her stories are colorful, honest and inspirational with a touch of innocence. Jorja’s second book in the series – Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest was just released October 2014. We continue on a magical journey but this time in the mystical forest with a more mature, and evolved Dee and Lizzy. Each story Jorja writes has a lesson to be learned. Not only has this story shown the growth of her characters but also has impacted the growth of her writings.
Jorja is now working on the third book in the series – Chasing Butterflies in the Unseen Universe with plans of publishing 2015/2016.
Jorja’s books contain symbolic meaning’s of nature’s beautiful works of art. Her unique prologues also contain a view into the eyes of creatures of air and earth as they look at human struggles. The chapters contain  quotes from all areas of beliefs from Biblical, spiritual, inspirational and self help.
Jorja’s books are available at:
AMAZON (Magical Garden)
AMAZON (Mystical Forest)
BARNES AND NOBLE (Magical Garden)
BARNES AND NOBLE (Mystical Forest)
BOOKS A MILLION (Magical Garden)
BOOKS A MILLION (Mystical Forest)
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