The Inspired Mic Spotlight – Jonathan Raney

I asked Inspired Mic presenters to send me a little something about themselves and what they write. I gave them free reign to pick and choose material about themselves that would be informative and promotional. As The Inspired Mic grows, potential audience participants would like to know something about those who steel their nerves and get up in front of a live audience to present their creativity. In the following days leading up to the October 21st event, each of the October readers who send me their info will be In the Spotlight:


Jonathan RaneyJonathan Raney

When Jonathan moved to Moscow in 2009, he wasn’t sure what to expect out of life there, but what he got was vastly different from anything he would have expected. For the most part, Americans have similar views of Russian life but clearly have no idea just how completely different Russian culture is from culture in America. Just a couple weeks after moving there Jonathan decided that he must write down his experiences. Just the first couple weeks there opened his eyes to the extreme nature of a Russian citizen’s existence in their largest city.

Every day brought new adventures and things he had never seen or ever thought he would see. He was convinced that many people back home would find entries in his journal to be fascinating from the perspective of someone who had spent there entire life in America. The greatest battle he had when writing in his journal was the battle against being too judgmental, critical, and prejudicial in regard to Russian people.
It is all too easy to regard Russians as a lot less than they really are. But truly they are a nation of survivors, doing all they can to outgrow the communist oppression they suffered for over 70 years. All one has to do is read the writings of Lenin from the early years of communism to see why they are where they are today.
Jonathan doesn’t know if he will ever use his journal to create a published book, but for now he just enjoys sharing his experiences with anyone who finds these things interesting. It really only takes a few minutes walking through the streets of Moscow to feel this heavy weight in the air. It takes months to become comfortable with it after having lived in our world, because their world is truly a world apart.
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