The Inspired Mic Spotlight – Are We Ready?

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Yes, a few more presenters will be highlighted on The Inspired Mic Spotlight. Before that happens, I felt this to be a great time to remind everyone that we stand one week away from our October event. Tuesday, October 21st at 6:30pm will kick off another version of The Inspired Mic.

Thus far, The Inspired Mic has grown from its humble May, 2013 beginning into a bonafide monthly event. The journey thus far brings with it excitement, incredible moments of amazing creativity, and a camaraderie gelling among local creative folk. One aspect which brings me satisfaction is the audience The Inspired Mic draws each month.

I realize any number of events on any given third Tuesday of the month threatens to steal away potential audience members, yet each month we draw a respectable crowd. One of my goals for this event is to swell the ranks of the audience so these wonderful presenters get a taste of what it’s like to present their work to a larger crowd. Overcoming the fear of presentation often gets listed as a primary step to success for artists everywhere. Why not here in Flagler County?

Yes, we will have some notable people on stage this month. People who have touched the world on a large scale. Somewhere among us we have people who WILL touch the world on a large scale, if only we not only take the chance, but give it as well. That is why an audience becomes vital to artists. Without an audience, no one gets “discovered.”

Therefore, as you think about what you will be doing next Tuesday, October 21st, please allow me to suggest you make your way ocean-side to the Beach House Beanery in Flagler Beach. Step out and support local creative talent. Enjoy as people you may walk by each day take their time and creativity to entertain you. The staff at the Beach House Beanery will take care of you as well. Remember, you get two drinks with your $10 ticket to the show. Also remember, tickets will be $12 at the door if you hold off purchasing.

You may purchase tickets at Change Jar Books, Flagler Beach Gift Shop, and The Beach House Beanery, all in Flagler Beach. You may also purchase online at The Inspired Mic

Please like us on Facebook at:

I look forward to meeting you there! 🙂

We will continue with our regularly scheduled Spotlights tomorrow!


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