The Inspired Mic Spotlight – James L. Harter Sr.

I asked Inspired Mic presenters to send me a little something about themselves and what they write. I gave them free reign to pick and choose material about themselves that would be informative and promotional. As The Inspired Mic grows, potential audience participants would like to know something about those who steel their nerves and get up in front of a live audience to present their creativity. In the following days leading up to the October 21st event, each of the October readers who send me their info will be In the Spotlight:


Jim HarterJames L. Harter Sr.

I hold a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Penn State University and after a stint in the U. S. Navy, began my career designing many schools, homes, and hi-rise housing and commercial structures winning many awards in the process. I sat and chaired for twenty years on the City of Allentown Planning Commission and Vice-Chair of the Allentown Arts Commission.

As a Registered Architect in the state of Florida since 2004, I have been active in designing projects and sitting on architectural review boards for the City of Palm Coast, the Sanctuary in the C Section of Palm Coast and the Grand Haven Community Development District where my wife and I live. I have been involved in the Palm Coast Arts Foundation designing a 180,000 square foot Center for the Arts and Events Center to be built in the Palm Coast Town Center on Central Avenue.

As a lifetime Poet, I have written 1,300 poems, 650 of which are published in five books. I have one many awards for several selected poetic works and have another 650 poems ready for publication. The subject matter covers the love of life and nature and generally falls into an area likened to Life is a Journey. My poetry has appeared in various regional and national anthologies.

I have taught creative writing in schools and have participated in various Poetry Slams and Inspired Mic readings in St Augustine and here in Palm Coast.

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2 thoughts on “The Inspired Mic Spotlight – James L. Harter Sr.

  1. I am looking to contact Mr. Harter. I reside near the Lehigh Valley, PA where he is from and recently found a book of his that he autographed in 1989. I am fascinated by his work and hoping to communicate with him. Can you provide me his contact information or forward him this message? Thank you. Ken Kilpatrick

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