Who I Am and Why I Post…

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I’ve taken on a small writing challenge. The first aspect of the challenge is to create a blog post explaining “Who I Am and Why I Post.” In the interest of brevity, I will simply state I am an award-winning author who loves to help writers get their stories out of their head and into reality. My tagline for my book coaching is “I take writers from conception to completion” with their books. The completion end of this is my publishing company, MRK Publishing.

Another facet of “who I am” is The Inspired Mic. I use this page to promote The Inspired Mic, which is an open-mic event held on the third Tuesday of each month at the Beach House Beanery in Flagler Beach Florida. The Beanery sits across A1A from the ocean which affords the event loads of ambiance. My aspirations for the event are to help creative folk present their work in front of a live audience as well as these same folk learning to promote themselves.

The Inspired Mic, now in its second year, draws nice crowds as people have come to appreciate live presentations of local writers/singers/musicians/magicians/artists/etc’s work. I do not limit this event solely to writers (even though writers make up the bulk of presenters).

Lastly, the other aspect of “who I am” is a public speaker. I’ve found that thirteen years in the writing/publishing business has caused large quantities of knowledge to attach to my brain. I’ve also found that most people only need encouragement and the belief they possess a viable voice in order to write. I use my speaking engagements to motivate and inspire writers. The interesting thing about my presentations is their applicability to other areas of life. Each of us far too often sell ourselves short on our capabilities.

In a nutshell, I am a writer, a book coach, and a motivational speaker who aspires to touch and help as many creative folk as humanly possible in this lifetime fulfill their dreams, whether those dreams include books, or other creative endeavors. Blogging not only possesses a ton of power out there in digital-land, I find writing blogs invigorating, enjoyable, and informative, not only to my readers, but myself as well.

Check out my main writing site, Go Write and You Won’t Go Wrong for more about my classes and what I do. Have an awesome writing day and remember, give yourself permission to write…that is all you really need!

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