Inspired Mic September Presenters Spotlight

loglineSeptember 16th Spotlight #3

Lineups for The Inspired Mic are handled on a first come, first serve basis. This means each month, the list of presenters change up a bit. New folk pop in, others who’ve not presented in a while, and the usual creative suspects all gel into a wonderful evening of fun.

Today’s Spotlight falls on two Inspired Mic ‘veterans’ if you will. First up, Becky Pourchot. Becky has participated for quite a while. She brings all kinds of intrigue with her presentations as well as often bringing food! Becky has branched out from her YA series of books into challenging writing material. Her presentation of a double entendre reading about Wilbur Wright was a riot. Becky is another audience favorite. She never lets us down with her creative endeavors.

Tim Baker brings us Ike. Yes, Ike, the local Flagler Beach anti-hero who ends up fixing all the ills that befall this quiet haven for Ike. Tim has created a character who tries not to get involved but cannot help himself when the bad guys come to town. Tim also is a DJ with Flagler Beach’s new radio station. Tim’s latest book, “Eyewitness Blues” just hit the market.

Our local writers, artists, musicians, etc work hard to bring entertainment to people. A lot of angst, effort, and creative juices go into their projects. Why not trek on by Tuesday September 16th and check them out. Tickets are available at this link: Inspired Mic Tickets.

If you happen to be in Flagler Beach, you may also purchase tickets at Change Jar Books, Flagler Beach Gift Shop, and the Beach House Beanery.

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