Inspired Mic September Presenters Spotlight

loglineSeptember 16th Spotlight #2

Next up on our Spotlight is Heidi Tessone. Heidi has been attending The Inspired Mic nearly from the beginning in May of 2013. Heidi always writes with a twist. She writes mystery, crime, horror, and humor. She has been published in Mosaic (an anthology) as well as several magazines. Heidi presented at August’s Inspired Mic despite an injury that caused her quite some trouble walking. We look forward to hearing what she has up her sleeve this month!

Another long-time Inspired Mic presenter is Tovah Janovsky. Tovah loves to bring fun and entertainment to her presentations. She has read quite a variety of material over the past year, but she caught us off-guard a couple months ago by singing A Capella. She reprised the same role after reading her “Collegetown Creeper” poem (poetry being a new addition to her arsenal). Tovah has dressed up as characters from what she reads as well. We never know what to expect from her, but entertainment is always on tap!!!

Again, these Spotlight segments are not in the order they will be on September 16th. The presenters though, will in fact be there to regale us with their latest creativity. Check out previous posts in the “Category” section on the sidebar. Also, please purchase your tickets in advance by clicking this link: Inspired Mic Tickets. Remember, with the ticket purchase you receive two drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks, etc) as well as entrance into our raffle at the end of the evening. Typically, the raffle consists of 6 to 10 books and a gift certificate to the Beach House Beanery!

Also, if you’re in Flagler Beach, our ticket outlets are Change Jar Books, Flagler Beach Gift Shop, and of course, the Beach House Beanery! Come join the fun!

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4 thoughts on “Inspired Mic September Presenters Spotlight

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    Heather Chalmers and I will be reading from Saving Libbie the Lobster at the next Inspired Mic! Come join the fun and hear authors, musicians and other creative, talented people.

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    Come on out to the Beanery tonight.

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