Inspired Mic Spotlight – September 16, 2014

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With The Inspired Mic event rushing its way toward us, I decided to follow through with my “Spotlight” section for those looking forward to the evening. The lineup of presenters has been a mystery month in and month out. While I do not know the content of the upcoming presentations, I do know a little about each person who will be behind the mic. I will post a little about each presenter over the next two weeks. The order in which they present will not be the order I post about them.

First up on my Spotlight is Gi Marie Arena. Gi recently published her ebook, “A sight Worth Feeling” on Kindle. Gi has read excerpts from this book at The Inspired Mic as well as pieces of a short story featuring the character Ruby. Gi wrote this short story about interaction between local writer Tim Baker’s elusive character Ike and Gi’s Ruby. I am fairly certain she will be reading another excerpt from this story this month…shhhh. (I didn’t say that…).

Another of our September presenters will be Angelica Timothy. Angelica is fifteen-years-old and goes to Flagler Palm Coast High School. For those folk fortunate enough to attend the August Inspired Mic, Angelica was the last reader of the evening. She blew us away with some powerful poetry. I believe everyone in attendance thrilled at the proof that our young people can indeed write and present their work in a powerful manner. I most definitely look forward to hearing more from this young lady.

The Inspired Mic is a forum intended to help creative people overcome their fear of presenting their work to the world, help them learn a little about how to market themselves, as well as entertainment for the audience that attends. The Beach House Beanery opens up special just for us on the third Tuesday evening of each month. Everyone, including presenters, purchase tickets to the event. With the $10 ticket, each person gets two drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks, etc) as well as entry into the raffle at the end of the evening.

Tickets for the September event are available by clicking this link: The Inspired Mic. When you order online, this helps us determine how many people will be attending which helps us set up seating and staffing for the event. Your ticket(s) will be available at the front table with Michele. Tickets purchased at the door the night of the event are $12. We look forward to seeing you there. September’s event is looking to be very well attended!

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