Inspired Mic August 2014

Inspired Mic August 2014A Most Excellent Evening!

The following will be a synopsis of what you missed if you were not able to attend. Since I emcee the event and have a lot on my mind, I will without doubt, miss key, special nuggets of the evening. One day I will learn to take better notes (that simply mental ones subject to my memory – always a dangerous thing…). Please take note of any highlighted links. I am attempting to link each presenter to their online work, if I have a link available. If I missed you, please email me with your link and I will add it.

August 19th. 7:00pm. Cyndi Rose led us off with her trademark quality writing. Cyndi always delivers with stories that aim to inspire and motivate. She never disappoints and this night was no exception. Jorja DuPont Oliva followed, reading from her book the summary and prologue to her new book, Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest. Jorja was one of our first-time readers of the evening!

Becky Pourchot stepped up with a mind-boggling, double entendre couched in a historical story featuring Wilbur Wright. Hilarious writing! Next up, our very own global celebrities Heather Chalmers and Marybeth Jeitner read from their upcoming children’s book, “Saving Libbie the Lobster.” The story behind this special lobster is topped by the ladies who took on the rescue and made a happy ending come true.

Tim Baker brought the next section of his story which he began in July’s Inspired Mic. Tim’s “Ike” series book are a local favorite. His latest book release, “Eyewitness Blues” is now available. You never lack for action and intrigue in one of Tim’s books!

Tovah Janovsky surprised us with an original poem about Abe Shorey, the Collegetown Creeper. In addition, once finished with her poem, Tovah sang a forties torch song A Capella. What a wonderful voice! Click on the links to read the poem!

Heidi Tessone likes to write with a twist and Tuesday night’s twist was a story from a ghost’s perspective. Cool stuff! Rounding out the first eight before intermission, Carol Fisher regaled us with another wonderful Spoonerism story. This one was GoldyBear and the Three Locks. Carol and her husband Jeff own the Beach House Beanery and graciously support The Inspired Mic each third Tuesday of every month!

After the break, Kermit Allison from Allison Piano Works plugged in his keyboard, added Noah Purnis on sax and a female background vocal by Edna Dy for some gorgeous early evening music. Popping up while Kermit and company broke down their set, Gi Arena picked up her running story with her character Ruby who is infatuated by Ike (yes, Ike from Tim Baker fame). Gi also announced the launch of her book A Sight Worth Feeling.

Jim Harter read from his new poetry book Heartfelt Thoughts: Chapters Eight and Nine. Jim’s poetry is often light and fun and this evening was no exception. Elizabeth Haddon stepped up and read from her new book, Milo: Autistic Warrior. This book is both a highly entertaining novel and an information-laden book about autism.

Gabriel McMichael is a celebrity as well. She is third cousin to Margaret Mitchell of “Gone With the Wind” fame. That’s some kind of writing bloodline! Her debut book, “Goodbye Poonjab” will be released on November 1, 2014. Gabriel read the first chapter of her upcoming YA book, set for release May 1, 2015. This was Gabriel’s first time reading at The Inspired Mic. Jim Ferrel, another newcomer to The Inspired Mic, read from his book “Brooklyn Boy” a coming of age story set in Brooklyn and Long Beach NY.

Kevin Cox, our favorite New York cop, read from his popular book, “A Year in Bushwick: A Cop’s Story.” Kevin’s humor shines through in a lot of the writing. While he maintains the book to be a fiction, we all know most of it is true. Truth often is stranger than fiction… Last up for the evening was Miss Angelica Timothy, a first-time reader at The Inspired Mic. Angelica a fifteen-year-old student at Flagler/Palm Coast High School, read a powerful piece of writing that wowed the late evening crowd. Everyone listened in rapt silence as her smooth delivery dug into our hearts. Hearing writing like that from our youth stands as a testament for hope for future generations.

On September 16th, the next Inspired Mic will feature more first-time presenters, Mr. Noah on sax, and at least two teenage writers brave enough to present their work to an adult audience. The Inspired Mic is an event where you never know what you’re going to get – aside from an amazing evening of great food, wonderful audiences and a cast of local talent who will often surprise and delight. We look forward to seeing you in September!


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6 thoughts on “Inspired Mic August 2014

  1. Anonymous

    That sounds like a very delightful way to spend an evening. Wish I lived close enough to be there in person.

  2. Micheal – Thank you for hosting and thank you so much for this document. It is cool to see that Tovah and Becky and Jim Harter support the literary scene in Flagler Beach as well as the Saint Augustine scene. Your work is appreciated, big time!

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