The Inspired Mic Recap

loglineTuesday night allowed over thirty people to revel in local creativity. Gathered at the BeachHouse Beanery in Flagler Beach, Florida, twelve talented souls placed their work live before an audience eager to hear what creative juices had flowed through their fingers/hearts/minds in the past month. Here’s a quick rundown:

Gi Arena ( delivered a short piece of writing from her blog about a “Manhattan Special” and her desire for a time machine…

Jim Harter brought his poetry to the ocean, but also broke into song a number of times. Jim’s upbeat and heartfelt poetry always aims to entertain, and this evening was no different. His newest book of poetry was just released on June 6th and can be purchased at Heartfelt Thoughts Chapters Eight and Nine.

Tovah Janovsky shared a lifelong love/fear relationship with the ocean with riveting accounts of undertow and serene and beautiful appreciation of the deep blue sea. Tovah as well burst into song with a delightful Mitch Miller tune that had the entire audience rapt in full attention. Beautifully sung and smiles spread throughout the evening crowd.

Cyndi Rose graced The Inspired Mic stage again with her wonderful sci-fi leaning looks at our everyday life and some of our living situations in this country, all delivered eloquently. Cyndi always invites folk to check out her writing at

Kevin Cox brought the surprise of the evening with the help of Tim Baker and Gi Arena. The three of them read an excerpt from his book A Year in Bushwick: A Cop’s Story The excerpt revolved around an older woman who kept calling the cops because she was stuck in her bathtub (even though the phone she used to call the police was located in the kitchen). A bit bawdy, but a lot of fun.

Tim Agin stepped out with a poem, Chains, then continued from previous Inspired Mic appearances with an excerpt of his work in progress Dust. He left us with a cliffhanger, surely to cause requests to know just what happened on that wagon ride in the remote and desolate area they found themselves in. Who kills whom? Or is there another way out of this scenario…

Jan Turney read a number of heart-tugging pieces as well as a personal piece that well depicted a writer’s struggles. I wrote down a direct quote she ended with that captured the power and essence of her final reading, but alas, I lost the paper. Maybe I can get it from her at a later date…

Carol Fisher, one of the owners of the BeachHouse Beanery along with her husband Jeff, delivered another spoonerism that set Little Red Riding Hood on a hilarious ear. Carol’s ability to traverse the tongue-twister minefield of spoonerism is amazing, and the laughter poured out from everyone. Too much fun!

Marybeth Jeitner read a chilling excerpt from the first chapter of her book-in-progress The Jumping Off Place. This book is a literary fiction based on her experience as a psychotherapist specializing in mental illness and addiction as well as from her personal experiences.

Speaking of chilling, life in Russia never looked as bleak here in the States as the first-hand accounts of Jonathan Rainey. Jonathan paints us a picture of horrid, nearly barbaric living conditions in a country he describes as the worlds largest third world country. The hardships and putrid conditions that remain in this country shocks us here in the USA.

Michael Ray King began with a poem, I Missed You Before I Met You dedicated to Michele Marie who keeps The Inspired Mic flowing behind the scenes, and followed it with an short story, Lavender Hour,  he wrote for the book Writing is Easy This book is a collection of short stories written by his writers group, The Rogues Gallery Writers.

Tim Baker finished up the night with a story that surprisingly did not cover his popular anti-hero Ike. The story was set in his native state Rhode Island instead of Flagler Beach. As he departed, though, he mentioned there was no appearance of Ike…yet. Always presenting hard-hitting action, Tim is a local writer favorite of many Flagler County residents.

As a reminder, tickets for next month’s event (July 15th) are available at The BeachHouse Beanery, Flagler Beach Gift Shop, Change Jar Books, and online at Go Write and You Won’t Go Wrong

July’s upcoming event is nearly booked with Joe O’Hearn, Tovah Janovsky, Terry M. Hagans, Tim Agin, Gi Arena, Carol Fisher, Kevin Cox, and Jonathan Raney, along with some newcomers to The Mic, Ashley Rogers (singer/songwriter), Tim Baker (not new to the Inspired Mic) teaming with Vern Shank (first time behind The Inspired Mic), Mary Rogers-Grantham (poet), and Nicole Goldberg (second time at The Inspired Mic) with Dennis Gambino (first time at The Inspired Mic).

Only a couple spots remain for the July event, and we have some people already reserving a spot for August. If you would like five minutes behind the microphone to present your creative work, please email me at I do like to have a couple alternates just in case someone cannot make it, so please sign up if you are interested.

Remember, you do not have to be a writer. We’ve had musicians, magicians, a mentalist, an actress, motivational speakers, a couple artists, poets, non-fiction writers, fiction writers, you name it, if it’s creative, we are interested. Also remember to get your tickets early. Last July sold out. We had standing room only. Tickets are $10 if you purchase early, $12 at the door. The tickets entitle you to two drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks, water, etc) as well as enter you into a raffle at the end of the evening.

The Inspired Mic opens at 6:30pm with the presenters beginning at 7:00pm sharp. The event ends at 9:00pm sharp, even though many people stick around for an hour or so afterward to hobnob. We look forward to seeing you there! Here is the link to the Facebook Event Page: The Inspired Mic

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2 thoughts on “The Inspired Mic Recap

  1. Reblogged this on blindoggbooks and commented:
    The Inspred Mic is a local event allowing area writers to showcase their work each month. I’ve been participating fairly regularly ( ) and it has helped me in many aspects of my work. Fortuantely, Flagler Beach has enough talented people to make this event a perpetual success.
    I’m sure I speak for all the participants when I say “Thank you” to founder and organizer Michael Ray King.

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