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loglineApril’s Inspired Mic

Tuesday, April 15th is the next edition of The Inspired Mic. Carol Fisher, owner of the Beach House Beanery, will be reading. This will be her first time behind the mic as a presenter, so I encourage everyone to come out for the entertainment, great food, and camaraderie!

The Inspired Mic is a forum for local creative folk to present their work in front of a live studio audience (always wanted to say that since “Cheers is filmed before a live studio audience…”). The value of this night comes with many facets. Writers and other creative artists get to test their mettle against the most intimidating of exams – a live audience. This helps them overcome some of their fears.

Another aspect for the presenters to cling to is the practice of self-promotion, which ANY writer/performer must do in order to be successful. The serendipitous aspect of The Inspired Mic is the Forest Gump effect – the night is “like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”

Yes, there is rain in the forecast for Tuesday, but most of it should be in the afternoon. We’re hoping to see some clearing by evening. Otherwise, we will hold the event indoors. We’re looking for a big turnout on Tax Day, so slip on out to Flagler Beach and the Beach House Beanery at 6:30pm for an enjoyable, entertaining evening!

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