If You Don’t…

If You Don’t…

If you don’t hear, “You’re beautiful,”
No amount of silence will deny that fact.
If you don’t hear, “I long for you,”
Far too many lesser truths have invaded life.

If you don’t hear, “I adore you,”
Words must have forsaken their power of expression.
If you don’t hear, “I miss you,”
The sea of separated time has drowned the voice that cries out to you.

If you don’t hear, “I value your wisdom,”
Remiss am I at conveying my admiration of who you are.
If you don’t hear, “I love you,”
The only explanation at hand is your five senses have been denied you.

Have I mentioned this day that you are beautiful?
That I long for our eyes to waltz?
That I adore each and every facet of personality that defines you?
That I miss you in all the moments we are apart?
That your voice sings in my heart?
That I love you from depths of soul I never knew existed?
If not, I am truly bankrupt in expressing myself…

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4 thoughts on “If You Don’t…

  1. Jodi Sykes

    WOW! This should be included in pre-marital vows for everyone! ♥ it!

  2. The depths of stillness into which the soulless and loveless wanderer falls upon reading this poem are surreal…words do not suffice…

    • Hey Regi, Nice to hear from you. What a nice and amazing comment. You really should get to writing. You have a ton of material to offer the world. Your writing style is quite evocative as well. Thank you again, for taking the time to post such a complimentary comment. It is much appreciated…

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