Write Your Book in 30 Days – Jack Marshall

Nanowrimo brings with it the opportunity each November to get your first draft manuscript written. I stepped into my yearly novel endeavor this evening and traveled to a somewhat surprising place afterward.

For the next few weeks, this blog will address why you may desire or need to write a book. This first post comes as one of my desires. I first got the idea (plot) for my novel over thirty years ago while in college. The writing bug bit me. I’ve had this monstrosity of a novel stuck in my heart all this time.

Back in 2004, I was privileged to attend a weekly writers group meeting  in the home of playwright Jack Marshall. Jack had a number of his plays produced, some on Broadway as I understand it. One meeting, I presented a 1400 word piece on which Jack wrote me a critique.

Jacks critiques were always honest. Sometimes a writer did not want to hear what Jack had to say. Jack was never cruel, just honest. It’s a shame writers get so defensive about their work. Jack’s critiques always sounded spot-on. My critique was very positive. Jack did state the work appeared to be part of a much larger body and that he wanted to know more.

This motivated me tremulously. Then, another member of the writing group told me it read like the intro to a sci-fi. For the past eight years I’ve mulled that thought over and I agree. About a year ago, I heard from Jack’s son that Jack had died. This evening, as I went over the first chapter of my novel I thought back to those days in St. Augustine hanging with writers and Jack Marshall.

At this time, I desire to get my book written not only for me, but for a man who gave me a positive boost that told me I could actually do this “writing thing”. Jack and were not close friends, but those kind words of encouragement from a professional like Jack have traveled a long way.

These are just a couple reasons I want to write this book. Over thirty years in my head and the encouragement of a man I respect. Many of you have a book you’ve thought of writing. You may have nursed the idea in your head for decades, like me. Jack’s willingness to help writers has become a part of what I love to do.

Over the twelve years from 2000 to now, I have learned quite a bit about writing books. I now have nine published. I know I can cut years of learning curves and thousands of dollars spent on books and conferences on how to write a book for people who desire or need their books written. I do this over a four-week course that takes the writer from conception to completed first draft manuscript.

If you are in need of this type of help, I encourage you to check out my webinar at ClearViewPressInc.com. My next webinar will begin January 7, 2013. Seating is limited to 10 people per webinar.

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